Hartlight - "As Above, So Below"


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Hartlight Unveils a Mystical Masterpiece with "As Above, So Below"


The Band "Hartlight" has just dropped their latest album, "As Above, So Below", and it’s a journey you don’t want to miss. Released on March 15, 2024, through Kvlt und Kaos Productions, this album blends progressive symphonic gothic metal into an alchemical brew that’s both mind-bending and soul-stirring.
Formed by the dynamic duo Noémie Marie and Adrien Djouadou, Hartlight has crafted a concept album that dives deep into the Hermetic principle of "as above, so below". With help from guitarist Adrien Guingal and drummer Pierre d'Astora, they’ve created an epic that feels both ancient and fresh, philosophical yet grounded.
The album kicks off with the title track "As Above, So Below", immediately pulling you into its mystical vortex. "That Which Stagnates is a Liar" hits hard with its intense shifts and thought-provoking lyrics, while "The Land of the Star" elevates you to celestial heights with haunting melodies. Songs like "Bound to Eternity" and "Let the Fangs Bite" show off Hartlight’s knack for blending dark, brooding tones with grand symphonic elements.
Noémie Marie’s voice is pure magic, guiding you through each track with a mix of grace and power that’s simply hypnotic. Adrien Djouadou isn’t just playing instruments; he’s weaving spells with his guitar, bass, duduk, and programming. Guingal and d'Astora bring even more depth to the mix, making every song a rich, layered experience.
The production quality is stellar. Whether you’re streaming it digitally, popping in the CD, or enjoying the old-school vibe of the limited edition cassette, you’ll be immersed in lush, detailed soundscapes that reveal something new with each listen.
Hartlight has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering an album that’s destined to become a favorite in the progressive symphonic gothic metal scene.
Ready to take the plunge into Hartlight’s world? Stream it now, snag a copy on CD or cassette, and let "As Above, So Below" guide you through the cosmos of metal.
Stay heavy, stay mystical, and remember: as above, so below.