Isa Nielsen, Madre Goth and Kebras - “Waiting For The Break of Dawn”


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Unleash the Metal Mayhem: Isa Nielsen, Madre Goth and Kebras Drop “Waiting For The Break of Dawn”!

In the shadowy realms of Denmark, where mead flows like molten lava and riffs echo through fjords, a triumvirate of rock titans emerges. Brace yourselves, fellow headbangers, for the cosmic collision of Isa Nielsen, Madre Goth, and Kebras!
Isa Nielsen, the “Musa do Metal” (Metal Muse), needs no introduction. Her axe-wielding escapades alongside Steve Vai and Detonator have left audiences spellbound. Now, she joins forces with Madre Goth (the dark sorceress of songwriting) and Kebras (the six-stringed alchemist) to birth the single that’ll make Valhalla itself headbang: “Waiting For The Break of Dawn.”

Released under the DMG (EU) banner, this track isn’t just a song—it’s a sonic siege. Isa’s vocals soar like Valkyries on a caffeine binge. Madre Goth’s lyrics? Darker than a black hole’s heart. And Kebras? His guitar solos could melt Mjölnir. Together, they’ve concocted a potion that’ll awaken even the most dormant of metal spirits.
Remember Detonator? Isa was their secret weapon—the one who made amps tremble and drumsticks weep. But now, she’s a solo force, an official artist for the revered guitar brand “SOLAR.” Her previous single, “High Gain,” infiltrated Spotify playlists like a Viking raiding party. And now, “Waiting For The Break of Dawn” is her battle cry.
Kebras, the sonic blacksmith, recorded, mixed, and mastered this gem at DMG. His studio? A forge where distortion becomes destiny. His guitar work? Like forging Excalibur with lightning bolts. And Madre Goth’s lyrics? Scrolls penned by moonlight. Together, they’ve summoned a sonic tempest that’ll rattle Yggdrasil itself.
Visual Incantations The music video? A fever dream of cosmic proportions. Picture Isa belting out lyrics atop a crumbling star, Madre Goth conjuring storms with her ink-stained quill, and Kebras shredding so hard that black holes weep. Dramatic visuals? You bet. Prepare for a retina-searing experience.
“Waiting For The Break of Dawn” is a celestial battle hymn. So crank up the volume, raise your horns, and let the gods tremble. Isa, Madre Goth, and Kebras have forged a masterpiece that’ll echo through Ragnarök and beyond.