Release the Titans - "Odyssey"

In the dark recesses of Norse mythology, where gods clash and legends are forged, there lies a tale of cosmic rebellion. A saga that transcends time, space, and distortion pedals. Ladies and gentlemen, brace your eardrums for the seismic arrival of “Release the Titans”!
The Titans Awaken Eons ago, these colossal beings were shackled by Zeus and his celestial crew. But now, they stir in their subterranean prison, tuning their axes and sharpening their drumsticks. Their mission? To break free, shred the cosmos, and unleash a symphony of chaos upon our unsuspecting world.
A Cosmic Metal Opera Their latest opus, “Odyssey,” isn’t just an album—it’s a starship hurtling through the void. Picture this: Earth reduced to cosmic dust, humanity’s swan song echoing across the galactic expanse. Our last survivor, nameless and adrift, grapples with eternal loneliness. His spaceship, a vessel of despair, hurtles toward a black hole. Will it be oblivion or salvation?
"Odyssey" album tracklisting:
Dawning of Man
World Ablaze
Sole Survivor
God of War
Sea of Tranquility
Horizons Beyond
Cygnys X1
Into the Unknown
Remember “Guardians of Time”? Paul Olsen, the axe-wielding maestro, led them through five albums and countless European tours. But in 2021, the cosmic winds whispered change. Paul embarked on a solo odyssey, crafting “Release the Titans” from stardust and distortion. His voice echoes across galaxies, his guitar solos ripple through quasars.
Now, “Release the Titans” isn’t a one-man show. Geir Øivind Vågane’s drumming rattles supernovae. Sebastian Madsen’s guitar work? Like solar flares on a fretboard. And Iben Solberg’s basslines? Deeper than a black hole’s heart. Together, they’re a cosmic ensemble, ready to ignite stages across the multiverse.
Metalheads, Tune In! Since January 2022, “Release the Titans” has dropped eight singles on streaming platforms. Their sound? A collision of melodic metal and orchestral grandeur. Their mission? To make your headbang transcend the space-time continuum.
“Release the Titans” isn’t just a band; they’re a cosmic reckoning. So grab your battle vest, raise your horns, and let the metal gods tremble. The Titans are loose, and the universe will never be the same.