RustHead - Gear Up


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RustHead: Cherbourg’s Power Rock Dynamo Strikes Again

Prepare yourselves for an electrifying experience, metalheads! Cherbourg’s very own Rusthead is here to jolt your senses with their high-voltage Power Rock. Founded in 2018 and nurtured on a steady diet of Airbourne, AC/DC, and Clutch, this four-piece band has been setting stages ablaze with their powerful riffs and infectious energy. Their second album, "Gear Up", dropped on May 17, 2024, via M&O Music, and it’s ready to deliver a sonic shockwave.
Rusthead’s journey began in the port city of Cherbourg in 2018. The band’s lineup solidified in September 2023, featuring Alex on lead vocals and guitar, Antoine shredding the lead guitar, Effyx pounding the drums, and Joe laying down the bass grooves. Together, they blend the raw energy of US and Australian rock into a unique sound that’s distinctly Rusthead.
Their debut album, released in 2022, was just a taste of what they could do. "Gear Up," their latest offering, cranks everything up to 11 with support from Le Circuit. But the real magic happens live. Rusthead’s performances are a masterclass in rock showmanship, brimming with explosive riffs and a contagious enthusiasm that captivates every audience. Their stellar live shows earned them the top spot at the 2023 Le Circuit contest, paving the way for appearances at major festivals like Les Art’zimutés and Musikensaire this summer.
Catch Rusthead’s electrifying performance at these upcoming dates:
June 28, 2024 – TBA, Cherbourg
June 29, 2024 – Festival Art’Zimutés, Cherbourg
July 24, 2024 – Le Comptoir des Fratés, Cherbourg
August 30, 2024 – Musikensaire, Barfleur

As someone who lives and breathes rock, Rusthead's "Gear Up" hit me like a lightning bolt. This album is a powerhouse of infectious hooks and relentless energy. Alex’s gritty vocals and dynamic guitar work, paired with Antoine’s electrifying solos, create a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. Effyx and Joe lay down a rhythm section that's tighter than a snare drum, driving each track forward with an unstoppable momentum.
What truly sets Rusthead apart, though, is their live presence. Their shows are not just concerts; they’re full-throttle rock 'n' roll experiences. If you’re anywhere near Cherbourg this summer, do yourself a favor and catch one of their gigs. Trust me, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a ringing in your ears.

Rusthead is a band on the rise, and "Gear Up" is just the beginning. Keep your eyes and ears on these guys – they’re set to rock the world one stage at a time.