brokNface - "Leave to Live"


New Release: brokNface - "Leave to Live" (The album was released on May 10th via M&O Music)

Leave to Live: Unleashing the Inner Metal

Ever felt like you're clinging onto something that's slowly chipping away at your soul? Well, fear not, because Leave to Live is here to rock your world and set you free! This EP is all about letting go, embracing the chaos, and surrendering to the sheer madness of it all.
Leading the charge is Oruna, whose vocals soar above the chaos like a battle cry from the gods themselves. With Tojawak shredding on guitar, Jeff laying down the thunderous basslines, and Sacha pounding the drums like a possessed madman, Leave to Live is a sonic journey through the depths of liberation.
But hold onto your leather jackets, because these guys aren't just about studio magic. Oh no, they're hitting the stage with the force of a thousand hurricanes, ready to blow your mind and melt your face off in the process.
Catch them live if you dare:
- May 22nd, 2024: Cirque Electrique, Paris
- June 1st, 2024: Le Klub, Paris
- June 7th, 2024: Covent Garden, Eragny

Now, let's talk about brokNface. If you're a fan of Rise of the Northstar, James Brown, or Pantera, then prepare to have your world turned upside down. Formed in the tumultuous year of 2023, brokNface isn't just another band trying to ride the coattails of their influences – they're forging their own path through the fiery depths of metal.
With their debut EP "Reborn", released in May 2023, brokNface burst onto the scene with a raw energy and intensity that left audiences begging for more. Since then, they've honed their craft and sharpened their sound, blending the power of modern metal with the groove and sensibility of R&B.
But what truly sets them apart is their sincerity. These guys aren't just singing about their experiences – they're baring their souls for all to see, laying their hearts on the line with every riff and every lyric.
So if you're ready to dive headfirst into the sonic abyss, then brokNface is the band for you. Just be prepared to have your mind blown and your face melted – because once you've experienced the raw power of brokNface, there's no going back.
My take? Leave to Live and brokNface are two sides of the same coin – different, yet equally essential to the metal scene. So crank up the volume, throw up the horns, and prepare to rock your socks off. You won't regret it.