DEATH LEAGUE - "Inferno"


Upcoming Release:

DEATH LEAGUE: Unleashing the Inferno

Metalheads, brace yourselves for the thunderous arrival of DEATH LEAGUE! Theogonia Records, the sanctuary of the heaviest riffs and darkest melodies, proudly announces the signing of Greece’s Melodic Death Metal force, DEATH LEAGUE. This ferocious ensemble is set to release their debut album, “Inferno”, a storm of unrelenting metal anthems, on August 16th, 2024.
Led by the infernal vocals of Astrous, known for his ferocious presence in Aenaon and Katavasia, and bolstered by the relentless onslaught of Jim Gaianos on guitars (Disharmony, Ephemeral), Vassilis Liakos on bass (Black Fate, Braveride, Innosense), and Nikos Tsintzilonis on drums (Black Fate, Thirty Fates), DEATH LEAGUE is set to ignite the metal world with their blazing sound.
“Inferno” is not just an album; it’s a cataclysmic event, forged in the depths of G Sound Studio and brought to life by the masterful production of drummer Nikos Tsintzilonis, with Dimitris Karagougas providing additional engineering sorcery. Featuring guest appearances by the mystical keystrokes of Themis K. and a scorching guitar solo on “Approaching the Madness” by Gus Drax of Suicidal Angels, Sunburst, and Black Fate fame, this album is a true testament to the power of Melodic Death Metal.
With every member’s relentless energy and passion fueling the infernal fire of “Inferno“, DEATH LEAGUE beckons you to dive headfirst into the flames of chaos and emerge transformed.
Astrous, the voice of the damned, proclaims: “With ‘Inferno‘, DEATH LEAGUE unleashes a sonic storm that will satisfy every fan of extreme melodic metal. We are ready to share our effort with all of you, and Theogonia Records is our steadfast ally in this epic journey“.

But the infernal journey doesn’t stop with the music alone! The album artwork, a visual masterpiece crafted by the legendary British illustrator Adrian Smith, known for his iconic contributions to Games Workshop’s games, including Warhammer, sets the stage for the impending apocalypse. The Digipack layout, meticulously designed by RA Design, and the haunting band photos captured by Konstantinos Besios complete the immersive experience.
So, what’s the verdict? As a die-hard fan of Melodic Death Metal, I can say that DEATH LEAGUE’s “Inferno” is set to be a defining moment in the genre. The combination of brutal riffs, haunting melodies, and an undeniable energy makes this album a must-have. Whether you’re a seasoned metalhead or a newcomer to the scene, “Inferno” will grab you by the throat and drag you into its fiery depths.
Prepare to be engulfed by the flames of “Inferno”! Mark your calendars, metal acolytes, for August 16th, 2024, when DEATH LEAGUE ascends to the pantheon of Melodic Death Metal. Available in Digipack CD and digital formats, this is an album that will make a lasting impact in the world of Melodic Death Metal. Embrace the chaos, for the reckoning is upon us!