Ebony Archways - "Misanthropia"


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Ebony Archways Unleashes "Misanthropia" – A Gothic Metal Masterpiece
The Austrian gothic metal maestros, Ebony Archways, have just dropped their latest opus, "Misanthropia," on May 31, 2024. Prepare to be swept into a shadowy realm where darkness reigns and melodies cut deep. Available on digital, LP, CD, and even cassette for the old-school heads, this album promises to take you on a profound journey through themes of life weariness, addiction, and existential despair.
Leading the charge with haunting singles like "Drowning for a Breath" and "Eternal Sleep," "Misanthropia" is a ten-track exploration of the human soul's darker corridors. This sonic journey is helmed by the band's creative force, Christian Lechner, and elevated by orchestral arrangements from Lasse Elkjaer Andersen and the ethereal guest vocals of Lorena Valta.
Since their formation in 1999, Ebony Archways has been captivating audiences worldwide. What started as a studio project has evolved into a powerhouse of the metal scene. "Misanthropia" continues this legacy, offering a reflective journey into the shadows of the human psyche. For fans of Sentenced, Lake of Tears, Paradise Lost, and Type O Negative, this album is a must-listen.
Here’s the lowdown on the line-up:
Michel Sedaghat: Vocals
Christian Lechner: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Stephan Stockreiter: Guitar
Wolfram Sorgo: Bass
Thomas Kern: Drums

And the tracks that will take you on this dark odyssey:
Drowning for a Breath
Eternal Sleep
Demon on my Trail
Lost my Anchor
Our Palace
Thorny Crown
Venom Calls
Special shoutout to the additional contributors who brought extra magic to this release. Lasse Elkjaer Andersen’s orchestral touch on "Nothing" and Lorena Valta’s haunting vocals on multiple tracks add layers of depth and emotion. The poetic lyrics, penned by Michel Sedaghat and others, delve into personal and universal struggles, making "Misanthropia" a deeply relatable and powerful listen.
Check out the full album stream on Spotify, and don’t miss the chilling music video for "Drowning for a Breath" on YouTube.
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So, grab your headphones, dim the lights, and let Ebony Archways guide you through the dark symphony of "Misanthropia."