Hybreed Chaos - "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage"


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Hybreed Chaos Unleashes "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage": A Dissonant Journey into the Depths

In the echoing catacombs of heavy metal's labyrinth, Montreal's own Hybreed Chaos emerges once again, wielding their latest opus, "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage". This third release from the unconventional trio signals a stark evolution in their sonic landscape, steering towards dissonance, experimentation, and an instrumental odyssey that defies conventions.
Founded in 2012 amidst the smoky heights of Quebec's cultural hub, Hybreed Chaos has forged a reputation for audacious sonic exploration. Comprising a curious trifecta of bass, cello, and drums—led by Franck Camus, Josée Campeau, and Alex Boudreault respectively—the band's musical alchemy yields a uniquely dark and enigmatic tonality.
"Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" is no exception. Eight tracks bear witness to Hybreed Chaos's relentless quest to shatter creative boundaries. Each track title, meticulously crafted in a descending case pattern, mirrors the album's descent into sonic infernos, where dissonant chords clash amidst intricate rhythmic maelstroms.
The album's standout feature—a blistering guitar solo by Dan Mongrain (of Martyr and Voivod fame)—adds an extra dimension of virtuosity to the brooding canvas. Produced by the band themselves, recorded by Remi Legresley, and impeccably mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (noted for his work with Suffocation and Cryptopsy), "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" emerges as a sonic behemoth poised to haunt both your dreams and waking hours.
Hybreed Chaos's embrace of dissonance and complexity marks a significant evolution from their previous works. Tracks like "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" and "subliminal abyssal carnaGE" encapsulate their penchant for weaving intricate narratives through musical discordance, pushing listeners to the fringes of their comfort zones.
This album is a sonic expedition, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the recesses of their musical psyche. As a metal aficionado, I found myself drawn into Hybreed Chaos's dark tapestry, where each dissonant note and thunderous drumbeat resonated with profound intensity.
In conclusion, "Subliminal Abyssal Carnage" cements Hybreed Chaos's status as pioneers of experimental metal. They have crafted an album that demands repeated listening—a journey through abyssal depths where chaos reigns supreme. Embrace the dissonance, indulge in the complexity, and let Hybreed Chaos guide you through their enigmatic realm.

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