Impact Approved - "Way of the Warrior"


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Impact Approved Charges Ahead with "Way of the Warrior"

Impact Approved feat. Lewis of April in Flames - The Truth

Prepare yourselves, metal warriors, because Impact Approved is back with a vengeance. Following the seismic waves created by their 2021 debut, "Into the Fray," the band is ready to unleash their sophomore effort, "Way of the Warrior," on June 14th, 2024. And trust me, this is an album that hits harder than a Spartan shield bash.
The journey to "Way of the Warrior" began in the aftermath of the band's explosive debut. Witnessing the electrifying reception of live tracks like "The Truth" and "Atelophobia," Impact Approved set out to push the limits of melodic death metal, infusing it with djent and deathcore elements. Guitarist and drummer Uwe led the charge, penning 90% of the new material, while bassist Maurice added his signature flair with atmospheric basslines that elevate the band's sound to new heights.
The band’s collaborative spirit shines through in tracks like "Isolation," where final touches and structural tweaks create a polished and powerful sound. Phil’s vocal delivery is the final layer of intensity, with each track showcasing the band’s diverse influences and relentless experimentation.
Maintaining a thematic connection to their debut, "Way of the Warrior" features the iconic Spartan warrior on its cover. This symbol of resilience and strength perfectly encapsulates the album’s spirit. Impact Approved isn’t just delivering music; they’re telling a story of fortitude and unyielding will.
Tracklist Breakdown
Way Of The Warrior
The Truth feat. Lewis from April in Flames
Sword And Shield
Harakiri For Ivory Tower
Ventus Et Ignis
Grace Under Pressure
Impact Approved, born in 2019, quickly made their mark in the melodic death metal scene. With Philipp on vocals, Uwe on guitars and drums, Maurice on bass, and newcomer Matthias "Matze" Büsing on guitar, the band is primed for their next chapter. Their 2021 release "Into the Fray" and tours with titans like Heaven Shall Burn have cemented their reputation. Now, with "Way of the Warrior," they’re ready to conquer new territories and win over even more metal hearts.
"Way of the Warrior" is a masterclass in modern metal, blending melodic death metal with the ferocity of djent and deathcore. Impact Approved has not only met but exceeded the high expectations set by their debut. This album is an anthem for those who fight against the odds, a rallying cry for metalheads everywhere.
So, gear up and get ready to march to the beat of Impact Approved’s "Way of the Warrior." This is one battle you won’t want to miss.