Indulgence - "Grim Times"


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Indulgence's "Grim Times": Thrashing Through Turbulence

Indulgence, the thrash metal titans from the Netherlands, have done it again with their latest release, "Grim Times." Dropping on June 12, 2024, through Headbangers Records and Big Bad Wolf Records, this album is a fierce reminder that age has only sharpened their edge. If you're a die-hard fan of Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Prong, or Iron Maiden, prepare to have your eardrums annihilated.
Formed in 1996, Indulgence has battled through more lineup changes than a soap opera, but like any good thrash band, they’ve emerged stronger and meaner. Their journey from their 1999 debut "Between Two Worlds", through "Plain Anger" (2006), to "Darkside" (2018) has been a wild ride. But "Grim Times" might just be their most poignant and punishing work yet.
Recorded at LBLAB Studios and produced by the legendary Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast), "Grim Times" showcases the band's ability to channel chaos into blistering riffs and thunderous drums. The current lineup—Jack van Duin (guitar), Michiel Wesseling (drums), Leo Remmelzwaal (vocals), Vincent van Duijn (bass), and James Schot (guitar)—delivers a masterclass in controlled mayhem.
The album opens with "No Safe Haven", a track that hits like a sledgehammer to the skull. From there, it’s a relentless assault: "Tortured and Abused" and "Uncertain Death" are pure adrenaline, while "A Texas Funeral" adds a sinister southern twist. "The Bad Seed" and "Where Darkness Reigns" delve into darker, more melodic territory, showing the band's range without sacrificing intensity.
"Let it Bleed" and "The Devil's Bargain" are standouts, their complex arrangements and searing solos proving Indulgence can still innovate within the thrash metal template. The album closes with "As Your Life Ends" and "Parásitos," two tracks that encapsulate the band's ethos: raw, unfiltered aggression with a dash of melody.
Having overcome health issues and internal strife, Indulgence’s resilience is palpable in every note. "Grim Times" isn't just an album; it's a declaration of survival and defiance. It’s a testament to the band’s undying spirit and their commitment to thrash metal’s unrelenting ethos.
In conclusion, "Grim Times" is a brutal, yet cathartic experience that will leave fans old and new banging their heads and begging for more. Indulgence has proven that no matter the odds, true metal warriors never surrender.
So, grab your denim vest, turn the volume up to 11, and let Indulgence take you on a thrash-tastic ride through "Grim Times."

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