Millennial Reign - "World on Fire"


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Millennial Reign’s "World on Fire" Sets the Metal World Ablaze

Alright, metalheads, gather 'round and crank up the volume because Millennial Reign has just dropped their latest album, "World on Fire" and let me tell you, it’s hotter than a dragon’s breath after a chili cook-off. Released on June 14, 2024, through Ulterium Records, this power metal powerhouse is set to light up the scene in a blaze of glory.

From the opening track "Exousia", you’re greeted with the thunderous roar of guitars and the commanding vocals of their new frontwoman, Tiffany Galchutt. Stepping in after Travis Wills hung up his mic, Tiffany proves she’s not just a replacement but a revelation. Her voice soars and snarls with the kind of raw power that’ll have you reaching for your air guitar.
"Bring Me to Life" and "Wandering" showcase Dave Harvey’s wizardry on the guitar. Seriously, if his fingers moved any faster, they’d break the sound barrier. Bassist Neil Bertrand and drummer Pedro Cortes lay down a rhythm section tighter than a snare drum on steroids. Every beat and riff hits like a sledgehammer, driving home the sheer epicness of each song.
The title track, "World on Fire" is the album’s fiery heart—epic symphonic elements meld with face-melting metal to create a track that’s equal parts beauty and beast. It’s a standout, sure to become a crowd favorite at live shows. And speaking of live shows, these guys have shared stages with heavyweights like Accept, Stryper, and Hammerfall, proving they’ve got the chops to hang with the best.
The production, helmed by Dave Harvey at The Upper Room Studio, ensures every note is as clear as a bell (or should I say as clear as a well-tuned power chord?). The artwork by Jan Yrlund is the perfect visual representation of the album’s energy—if you’re not already judging books by their covers, this one might change your mind.
Lyrically, the album’s a rollercoaster of themes—perseverance, unity, and the classic power metal staples of epic battles and personal triumphs. "Trust" and "We Follow On" will have you fist-pumping and chanting along, while "Eternity" and "Parousia" delve into the kind of grand storytelling that would make Tolkien proud.

So, what’s the verdict? "World on Fire" is a masterclass in power metal. It’s everything you want: epic, melodic, and powerful. Millennial Reign has not just thrown down the gauntlet; they’ve incinerated it. For fans of Stryper, Theocracy, and Frozen Crown, this album is a no-brainer. And with Tiffany Galchutt leading the charge, Millennial Reign is poised to conquer new heights.
So strap on your leather, grab your nearest battle axe (or guitar), and dive into the flames of "World on Fire." You won’t regret it.
Tiffany Galchutt: Vocals
Dave Harvey: Guitars
Neil Bertrand: Bass
Pedro Cortes: Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Harvey at The Upper Room Studio. Artwork by Jan Yrlund.