SUNBURST - "Manifesto"


Upcoming Release:

SUNBURST Unleashes "Manifesto": A Cinematic Progressive Metal Masterpiece

Hold on to your headsets, metalheads, because Greece's very own Sunburst is about to drop their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Manifesto", on June 14, 2024, via Inner Wound Recordings. This is a cinematic journey through the realms of progressive metal.
Tracklist of Epic Proportions!
The Flood
Hollow Lies
Perpetual Descent
Inimicus Intus
From the Cradle to the Grave
The Dream Team:
Vocals: Vasilis Georgiou
Guitars: Gus Drax
Drums: Kostas Milonas
Bass: Nick Grey

Formed in 2010, Sunburst draws inspiration from prog metal giants like Dream Theater, Nevermore, Conception, and Symphony X. Their debut album, "Fragments of Creation", released in 2016, was a smashing success, garnering rave reviews worldwide, including a solid 88/100 from Japan's Burrn! Magazine. Fast forward to 2024, and "Manifesto" proves that Sunburst isn't resting on their laurels.
"Manifesto" is a tour de force that ups the ante with its progressive, heavy, and complex arrangements. This album feels like a blockbuster movie for your ears, thanks to the dramatic orchestral elements and intricate musicianship. The impressive instrumental sections, intense guitar riffs, and soaring melodic vocals that Sunburst fans love are all present, now enhanced with a cinematic flair.
Produced by Sunburst and Steve Lado, who also handled mixing and mastering duties, the album features Bob Katsionis on keyboards and John K's orchestral arrangements on select tracks. The stunning artwork, created by vocalist Vasilis Georgiou, adds the final touch to this auditory and visual masterpiece.
I have to say, "Manifesto" is shaping up to be an absolute triumph. Sunburst has managed to blend the technical prowess of Dream Theater with the melodic sensibilities of Symphony X, all while infusing their unique cinematic touch. Tracks like "The Flood" and "Nocturne" are standout examples of the band's ability to create powerful, emotional, and memorable music. The orchestral arrangements elevate the album to new heights, making it a must-listen for any prog metal enthusiast.
Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the prog metal scene, don't miss out on "Manifesto". It's a sonic adventure that showcases Sunburst's evolution and solidifies their place in the pantheon of progressive metal greats. So crank up the volume, sit back, and let Sunburst take you on an epic journey beyond your imagination.