Silvertonguedevil - "Purity and Nothingness"


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Silvertonguedevil Unleashes New Single "Purity and Nothingness"

Hold onto your denim and leather, metalheads, because Silvertonguedevil is back with a vengeance! The American thrash metal titans have dropped their blistering new single, "Purity and Nothingness", featuring guest vocals from THE INFAMISTS. This scorching track is a tantalizing taste of their upcoming EP, "Conquest of the Inferno" and it’s already setting the metal community ablaze.
Recorded at Reeltime Audio Studios and mixed/mastered by the legendary Eric Delegard, "Purity and Nothingness" is a masterclass in thrash brutality. The production is as sharp as a freshly honed battle axe, with every riff, beat, and scream cutting through the mix like a hot knife through butter. The guest vocals from THE INFAMISTS add an extra layer of ferocity, making this track an absolute face-melter.
Silvertonguedevil, hailing from Dallas, Texas, has been wreaking havoc on the metal scene since 2005. Over nearly two decades, they’ve unleashed three full-length albums and two EPs under their own label, All Devils Music. The band’s lineup—Craig Meinhart on vocals, John Tapia on guitars, Brandon Chandler on bass, and Josh Leicht on drums—delivers a punishing sonic assault that’s both relentless and refined.
"Purity and Nothingness" kicks off with a lightning-fast riff that immediately grabs you by the throat. Craig Meinhart’s vocals are raw and powerful, perfectly complemented by John Tapia’s shredding guitar work. Brandon Chandler’s bass lines rumble like an earthquake, while Josh Leicht’s drumming is an unyielding barrage of double kicks and blast beats. The addition of THE INFAMISTS' vocals creates a dynamic interplay that keeps the energy at peak levels from start to finish.
This track is a testament to Silvertonguedevil's evolution and their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier thrash metal. It’s aggressive, it’s melodic, and it’s everything you could want from a band that’s been honing their craft for almost two decades.
As a lifelong thrasher, "Purity and Nothingness" hits all the right notes. Silvertonguedevil has managed to capture the essence of classic thrash while injecting their own unique venom into the mix. The production is crisp, the musicianship is top-notch, and the energy is through the roof. This single has me eagerly anticipating the full "Conquest of the Inferno" EP. If the rest of the EP is anything like this, we’re in for a serious treat.
Don’t miss out—check out "Purity and Nothingness" on Spotify and Apple Music. Prepare to have your ears annihilated and your soul purified by the infernal might of Silvertonguedevil.