Tricie and The Phantom Punks - "Darling Richie"


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Tricie and The Phantom Punks: "Darling Richie" Brings Horror Punk to Life

Attention, creatures of the night! The best little horror punk band in Texas, Tricie and The Phantom Punks, have just dropped their spine-tingling new single, "Darling Richie", on April 5, 2024, via We Are Horror Records. Inspired by the notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez, this track is as eerie as it is electrifying, diving deep into the dark obsessions of lead vocalist Tricie Texas.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by punk rock maestro Brian Davis from 30footfall, "Darling Richie" is now haunting all streaming platforms.
Tricie Texas, the heart and dark soul of the band, spills her guts about the song's morbid inspiration: "I was obsessed with serial killers and killers in general from a very young age. When everything started to come out about the crimes he had done, I just became more obsessed. I liked his black eyes and his black hair. I also felt like he had no soul, which fascinated me more. I didn’t really start collecting things related to him until 1990. So I essentially just wrote the lyrics as if I were in a relationship with him".
And there you have it, folks—straight from the haunted horse's mouth. Tricie's fascination with the Night Stalker transforms into a lyrical horror story, wrapped in the raw, rebellious energy of horror punk. The single's chilling riffs and pulsating rhythm section, courtesy of Phantom 1 on bass, Phantom 2 on guitars, Phantom 3 on drums, and a special feature by Brian Davis, will make your blood run cold and your feet move.
The song perfectly captures the macabre romance and dark allure that define the horror punk genre. Tricie’s vocals are hauntingly melodic, weaving a twisted love letter that could make even the most hardened ghoul swoon.
Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I have to say, "Darling Richie" is a killer track (pun totally intended). It’s got that infectious energy that makes you want to pogo in a graveyard and the kind of darkly poetic lyrics that would make Edgar Allan Poe proud. Tricie and The Phantom Punks have crafted a chilling masterpiece that’s sure to be the soundtrack to many a misfit’s midnight ramblings.
So, if you’re ready to embrace the dark side and groove to some killer tunes, "Darling Richie" should be at the top of your playlist. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and let Tricie and The Phantom Punks take you on a wild ride through the shadows.