Web - "Burden of Destiny"


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Web Unleashes "Burden of Destiny": A Progressive Thrash/Doom Metal Spectacle


Get ready to be ensnared in the intricate web of sound that Portuguese metal stalwarts, Web, have spun with their latest release, "Burden of Destiny", hitting the shelves on June 8, 2024, via Firecum Records.
They’re Coming
More Than You
No More
Chaotic World/Lifeless
A Grave To Be Dug
Tears Of Ash
Burden Of Destiny
All For One
Opposing Rebellion
Rootless Soul
Since their inception in the metal-infused cauldron of 1986, Web has been on a relentless quest to craft sonic masterpieces that push the boundaries of the genre. Through lineup changes and musical evolution, the band has left an indelible mark on the underground music scene with releases like the iconic "Evil Tape" (1994) and "Promo Tape" (1995). The tragic loss of David Duarte in 2001 only served to solidify Web's resolve, culminating in the release of their groundbreaking debut album, "World Wild Web", in 2005.
As Web gears up to release their fourth full-length album, "Burden of Destiny", they're doing it with a newfound fire in their bellies. Embracing their Thrash roots while still holding onto the Doom and Progressive elements that make them who they are, this album marks a significant step forward for the band. Tracks like "Chaotic World/Lifeless" and "Tears Of Ash" really showcase Web's talent for crafting intense, intricate songs that hit you right in the gut.
"Burden of Destiny" dives headfirst into the issues of injustice and violence that plague our world. Through their lyrics and storytelling, Web doesn't shy away from shining a harsh light on the ugliest parts of humanity, forcing listeners to confront some uncomfortable truths. And the album artwork, inspired by the harsh realities of suffering and oppression, drives home those themes even further.
I can tell you without a doubt that "Burden of Destiny" is something special. Web's ability to blend aggression with melody is seriously impressive, creating an immersive experience that sticks with you long after the music stops. Standout tracks like "A Grave To Be Dug" and the title track "Burden of Destiny" show off the band's growth while still staying true to their roots.
Prepare to be entranced by the "Burden of Destiny" as Web invites you to embark on a musical journey unlike any other. Don't miss out on what promises to be one of the standout metal releases of the year!