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World on Alert Ignites the Scene with Debut EP

Montreal’s very own progressive thrash maestros, World on Alert, are set to drop their self-titled debut EP tomorrow, June 28, 2024, and it’s ready to set your speakers ablaze. A creation born from the pandemic's chaos, this EP is a testament to resilience, creativity, and some seriously killer collaborations.
Frontman Gino LaPosta, the mad genius behind this sonic inferno, shares his excitement: “I am very excited about this release. This was a long time coming. And I am very lucky to be able to work with so many talented musicians. Musically, it is a very diverse record with many different styles from prog to thrash to pop rock. Lyrically, the theme seems to be about standing up for yourself and fighting for what’s right whether it is an illness or just internal demons".
The EP brings together a powerhouse lineup of guest musicians from the metal community, including Max Rex (CroMagnum), Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Armen Apekian (Ashes of Eden), and John Vincelli (Void Within). Together, they’ve crafted a collection of tracks that range from blistering thrash to introspective prog, all while maintaining a cohesive and gripping narrative.
The cover art, designed by the multi-talented Max Rex, is a fiery visual that perfectly captures the EP’s essence—intense, passionate, and impossible to ignore. Fans of Tool, Fates Warning, and Metallica are in for a treat.
You can dive into the full EP stream on MetalInsider here
if you’re ready to commit, pre-order it on Bandcamp.
Here's a taste of what’s in store:
- Freedom In Disguise ft. Max Rex (CroMagnum), Nick Amalfi, Alex Walsh (6:10)
- Insecurities ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (6:00)
- They Came From the Pleiades ft. Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Alex Walsh (8:34)
- Alone With My Thoughts ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (4:32)
- The War Inside ft. John Vincelli (Void Within), Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Armen Apekian (Ashes Of Eden), Alex Walsh (5:38)
Clocking in at just under 31 minutes, this EP is a compact but powerful journey through LaPosta’s musical vision. The lyrics tackle everything from personal battles to cosmic mysteries, all set to a backdrop of face-melting riffs and intricate melodies.
Don’t miss out on the epic music video for "Insecurities" here:
and the thought-provoking lyric video for "Freedom in Disguise" here:
Trust us, you’ll want to keep these on repeat.
So crank up the volume, embrace the chaos, and let World on Alert’s debut EP be the soundtrack to your metal journey.
\m/ Rock on! \m/