Celtic Legacy - Redux


What's New:

Label: Eternal Legacy Records

Release Date: 31-10-2022

Format: Digital, CD

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Country: Ireland

For fans of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Queensryche, Scorpions, Rainbow


Celtic Legacy: Redux - The Final Day

Celtic Legacy Redux was recorded between April 2018 and September 2022.
A complete re-recording of the band’s 1998 debut, Redux is the culmination of nearly 4 years work and sees the return to the band of bassist and founder member, Dave Boylan and introduces John Bonham on vocals. With a vastly improved production sound, Redux updates established tracks and reinstate 2 songs that were omitted from the original 1998 release. Originally headed for a digital-only release, thanks to a successful pre-order campaign with funding provided solely by the band’s fanbase, Redux will now also be released on CD with brand-new artwork.
Guitarist Dave Morrissey explained the reasoning behind the album:
“I thought the first album was good enough for its time but I was never very happy with the finished product. We didn’t have the budget or the time to really do what we wanted. With recording technology advancing so far in recent years, the opportunity was there to give that album a fresh coat of paint. And we all decided that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right and not cut corners. The songs may be a few years old but they’ve never sounded better than they do on this album.”
“Although the recording took longer than expected, largely due to Covid-19 restrictions, the extra time actually benefited the end product as we were able to really take as long as we needed to get it right. We were all on the same page from the start and the guys did a great job. I don’t think there has been a better-sounding Celtic Legacy album than Redux.”
Entirely recorded using home recording technology, no professional recording studio was hired at any time during the making of this album. The band thus avoided costly studio fees, reducing the outlay to bare minimum. The results, however, rival anything released by a professional label or studio. Guitarist Dave Morrissey produced, engineered and mastered the album.
A CD version of Redux was made possible due to the band's fanbase pre-ordering in enough numbers to cover the costs of getting a physical run manufactured. We asked the band's fans to help us finance a CD and they did.
Celtic Legacy: Redux will be available on Bandcamp in both digital and CD formats from October 31st 2022

01 From The Plains
02 Long Ride Home
03 Wandering Free
04 Catch The Wind
05 Glen Corr - The Spirit of the Vagabond
06 Lost Soul
07 Shine
08 Talk To Me
09 Celtic Legacy
10 Waterfront
John Bonham - Vocals/Backing Vocals
Dave Morrissey - Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan - Bass/Backing Vocals