New Release:

Heezer is a Finnish Stoner Rock/Grunge band made up of four members from Lappeenranta/Imatra. Initially, the band started as a casual jamming project in late 2020, but they soon realized their potential as a full-time band and shifted their mentality. Their songwriting style varies, ranging from strict heavy riffs to memorable melodies, with each member contributing to the writing process. They all have their unique playstyles and influences, but when they collaborate, the music takes on new dimensions that they fearlessly explore.
In 2021, Heezer released their debut EP featuring four songs: "Mellow," "Pinky," "End," and "Tired." Their new album was released March 31th 2023. The recording and mixing were handled by Tommi Hämäläinen at Music-Bros studios.
With this new album, Heezer has taken their sound to new heights, expanding on the familiar heavy riffing with flowing melodies.

 HEEZER - Red Giant

HEEZER - Fourth Line

Heezer is:
Sami Kääriäinen - Guitar, vocals
Ville Räsänen - Guitar
Antti Vesikko - Bass
Ville Häsä - Drums