Powerhill - Daily Job


What's New:

Prepare yourself for an electrifying new chapter of Powerhill as they unleash their latest single "Daily Work" and exciting lineup changes! After a year since their last release, Powerhill welcomes back their former female drummer as their new frontwoman, bringing a thrilling new dynamic to the band.
Exploring the daily toil of working on the fields, "Daily Work" holds hidden depths waiting for the listener to unravel. Powerhill's unique blend of Farm Metal, Hard Rock, Glam, Hair Metal, and Sleaze Rock will enthrall fans of H.E.A.T, Skid Row, Ratt, Tigertailz, Xyz, Savatage, Eclipse, Dokken, and Crazy Lixx.
Recorded and mixed at Stairway Studio in Switzerland, under the guidance of producer and guitarist Cep, who is also the band's leader. The mastering was skillfully handled by George Nerantzis in Greece.
Don't miss out on Powerhill's daring new sound and captivating single "Daily Work," available now in digital format.