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Unleash the Beast! Brace yourself for the unleashed fury of Japan's own SUPERBEAST and their bone-crushing third album, "Cold Blooded Killing". This Death/Thrash Metal duo has already sent shockwaves through the metal scene with their latest release, which promises to take you on a sonic journey akin to Vader, Belphegor, and Behemoth.
"Cold Blooded Killing" was released on March 31, 2023, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. This self-released masterpiece has gripped metalheads worldwide in both digital and cassette formats. Led by the powerhouse duo of Valan, who dominates the vocals and drums with savage precision, and Ganzz, who delivers bone-crushing riffs on guitars and bass, SUPERBEAST has proven their prowess and left a lasting impression.
The album's creation began in 2021 at Japan's formidable Brutalbear Studio, where the seeds of destruction were sown. Then, in April 2022, the mixing and mastering sorcery took place at Emanuel Salgado's renowned Grottemann Studio in Norway. To visually capture the essence of their sonic onslaught, SUPERBEAST enlisted the artistic prowess of Spain's very own Evil Raven, resulting in an album cover that is as striking as the music itself.
With "Cold Blooded Killing", SUPERBEAST has forged a path of devastation in the realm of Death/Thrash Metal. Their sound is a relentless onslaught, their presence is undeniably powerful, and their latest offering has left a permanent mark on the metal scene.
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"Cold Blooded Killing" has already left its mark, igniting mosh pits, raising horns, and bringing forth the true spirit of Metal. Join SUPERBEAST on their conquest as they continue to unleash their ferocious sound and embody the essence of Death/Thrash Metal. Let the beast within you roam free!