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Greengoat (Madrid, Spain) Unleashes Psychedelic Stoner Rock Magic with "A.I."
Prepare to embark on a mind-altering musical journey as Greengoat, the masters of psychedelic stoner rock, take the stage. With a unique blend of heavy distortion, rhythmic progressions, and immersive sequences, this Madrid-based band is set to transport you to otherworldly realms with their mesmerizing soundscapes.
Formed in late 2021, Greengoat is the brainchild of drummer Ruth Kalypso Moya (Suevicha, Dashara, Magnus Ficus) and guitarist Ivan Flores (Dsgarre, Magnus Ficus). The duo joined forces with two members from Nethervault, sharing a common vision and a burning desire to create something extraordinary.
Following the release of their debut EP, "Unleash the Fire," in December 2022, Greengoat has undergone an evolution in its lineup, with Ivan Flores and Ruth Kalypso taking the reins as the driving forces behind the band. Their musical prowess and creative chemistry have solidified their status as a dynamic duo, poised to conquer the stoner rock scene.
Greengoat's sonic landscape traverses the realms of heavy fuzz and distortion, crafting a foundation of power and intensity. Yet, amidst the sonic chaos, they seamlessly weave in harmonic passages, experimental sequences, and robust rhythms, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences. From the timeless heaviness of Clutch and Black Sabbath to the ethereal sounds of Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, Greengoat embraces a wide spectrum of musical elements to create their distinctive sonic tapestry.
Currently, Greengoat is captivating audiences with their latest single, "A.I.", a tantalizing glimpse into their forthcoming self-titled album, set to be unleashed upon the world by the end of 2023. This captivating track serves as a testament to their artistic growth and showcases their ability to fuse psychedelic vibes with heavy-hitting riffs, resulting in an intoxicating auditory experience.
As the anticipation builds for their upcoming album, Greengoat is set to captivate listeners with their intoxicating blend of psychedelic stoner rock. Stay tuned for more sonic adventures from this Madrid-based powerhouse as they continue to push the boundaries of heavy music.
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Greengoat is here to ignite your senses and take you on a mind-expanding sonic trip. Brace yourself for the psychedelic stoner rock revolution!