Orchid's Curse - "The Decay"


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Orchid's Curse Unleashes Varied New Melodic Metal EP "The Decay"
Prepare to be engulfed in a whirlwind of musical prowess as Orchid's Curse, the enduring metal force that formed back in 2005, emerges with their latest release, "The Decay." This sixth offering from the band showcases their resilience, standing tall amidst member changes and even a pandemic, proving that they have no intention of ceasing their musical endeavors anytime soon.
"The Decay" represents Orchid's Curse at their most mature, featuring five captivating songs that seamlessly blend various musical influences while maintaining their signature sound. Brace yourself for a two-minute thrash assault, a six-minute melodic epic, and everything in between, all accompanied by lyrics that explore the decline and decay of our modern society. The band shares their excitement:
"We are stoked to finally unleash 'THE DECAY' upon the masses. We began writing for this album before the pandemic hit, and we're thrilled that the time has come to release it. One silver lining is that the shutdowns gave us ample time to refine these songs, ensuring that this release is our most mature and accomplished to date. With each new album, we strive to progress and raise the bar musically and artistically. We have immense confidence in these songs and the album as a whole."
Orchid's Curse understands that variety is the spice of life, and they deliver just that with "The Decay." This succinct musical journey encompasses the full spectrum, from slow and sludgy to fast and relentless. The EP was produced by the band's rhythm guitarist, Brian Jones, mixed and mastered by the talented Mike Bowers (known for his work with Pale Ache), and features stunning artwork by lead guitarist Keith MacLeod.
With something to satisfy every metalhead's craving, "The Decay" will undoubtedly be embraced by fans of Darkest Hour, At the Gates, and The Black Dahlia Murder.
Prepare for the unveiling of "The Decay" on Friday, June 16, 2023, and get a taste of its sonic brilliance with the full stream premiere exclusively on Decibel Magazine: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2023/06/15/full-ep-stream-orchids-curses-the-decay-waves-a-flag-for-eastern-canadian-metal/
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Track Listing:
Better Men - 5:42
Dead Idols - 4:24
The Divergence of Man - 4:45
Divided by Everything - 2:31
Pay to Prey - 6:24
EP Length: 23:47
The formidable lineup of Orchid's Curse includes:
Josh Hogan - Vocals
Brian Jones - Guitar/Vocals
Keith MacLeod - Guitar
Jason Szeto - Bass
Alex Wrathell - Drums