TakaLaiton - "Get What You Asked For"


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Rockshots Records Unleashes Thrash Madness with TakaLaiton's "Get What You Asked For" - New Video and Album Announcement!
Prepare to be blown away as Finnish thrashers TakaLaiton bring forth their relentless energy and unleash their monstrous moshing pit with their latest music video. "Get What You Asked For" is the explosive second single from their upcoming debut album, "Mindfection", set to be released on July 28th, 2023 via Rockshots Records. Produced by the renowned Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium), this album is primed to deliver a sonic assault that will leave metalheads craving for more.
The essence of TakaLaiton's musical mayhem is encapsulated in "Get What You Asked For". The song's lyrics delve into the darker aspects of today's society, highlighting how we're quick to turn on each other if our opinions don't align. It also touches upon the idea that everything and everyone has a price.
"Corporations are willing to ravage mother nature for the sake of the almighty dollar. Anyone who stands in their way can be bought off", reveals the band.
The genesis of "Get What You Asked For" can be traced back to a wild, hungover morning at Laiton Studio. The band, in the midst of a songwriting weekend, saw vocalist/guitarist Juho come up with the initial riffs. However, he needed a chorus riff to complete the song. Lead guitarist Pasi stepped in and filled that void, allowing the band to construct the song's structure in a single day. Juho then penned the lyrics in just two days, giving life to the furious anthem we now know as "Get What You Asked For".
Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled frenzy by watching the gripping music video for "Get What You Asked For" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkht-pwgUJk
Brace yourself for a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the ferociousness of TakaLaiton's music.
Hailing from Finland's frigid north, TakaLaiton brings forth a potent blend of melodic groove and thrash, delivering an electrifying live experience that leaves fans with sore necks and moshpit-induced bruises. Their risk-taking attitude is evident in their music, which seamlessly merges breakneck speed with bone-crushing grooves. Drawing inspiration from their dark and icy surroundings, TakaLaiton infuses their music with melodies that paint a vivid picture of their unique perspective. Not to mention, their lyrics pack a punch, delivered in both Finnish and English. The band has ventured far and wide, captivating audiences with their explosive stage presence across Scandinavia, Europe, and even Asia.
As their name suggests, TakaLaiton embraces a "break the rules, exceed all limits" ethos, derived from a Finnish baseball term meaning "swing the ball over the borders". With this fierce mindset, the band triumphed in Finland's National Music Contest, "Heavy Metal Heart 11". Their 2019 double EP, "SisuKastraatio I & II," set the stage for their upcoming full-length album, "Mindfection," which serves as a reflection of today's sickening society, where people will do anything for a fleeting moment of fame.
"We believe this album will become a future classic among TakaLaiton fans. It embodies our signature crushing sound and rage, while also delivering heartwarming melodies that our fans have come to love. We're beyond thrilled about the album's release, especially with Rockshots Records backing us up! We poured our hearts, souls, and every ounce of effort and money we had into this album, and the result is nothing short of magnificent, thanks to producer Teemu Aalto. With Rockshots Records as our amazing partners, we're confident this album will find its way into the hands of everyone who needs it!" declares the band.
Prepare for the onslaught as TakaLaiton's "Mindfection" is set to infect the metal world on July 28th, 2023. Mark your calendars and brace yourself for an epic journey into the realms of Finnish thrash madness.
Pre-order "Mindfection" now at https://shop.rockshots.eu/en/home/6599-takalaiton-mindfection.html and get ready to headbang to the bone-crushing tracks that await you. And if you can't wait, sink your teeth into the music video for "Rip N' Burn" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89FIY4Pjwvw
Track Listing:
Rip 'n Burn - 3:20
Do Or Die - 3:35
Get What You Asked For - 4:25
Hopeareunus - 4:45
Ambassador of Revenge - 3:00
Mies Miestä Vastaan - 4:21
Reborn - 3:47
Arkajalka - 3:01
Destination... Termination - 4:27
Mindfection - 7:02
Total Album Length: 41:47
Prepare for the thrashocalypse, metalheads! TakaLaiton is coming for you! \m/