Azores & Metal Vol2


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Azorean Heavy Metal Strikes Back with "Azores & Metal Vol #2"!
Prepare to be blown away as we take you on a journey to the Azores – a Portuguese archipelago known for its breathtaking landscapes and volcanic beauty. But hold on to your leather jackets and brace yourselves, because there's more to this paradise than meets the eye. Welcome to the world of Azorean Heavy Metal!
Now, we get it – you might be thinking, "Heavy metal in the Azores? Yeah, right!" But guess what? It's real, it's raw, and it's kicking ass!
The Azorean Heavy Metal Museum (MHMA) is back for the second year in a row, armed with their latest compilation, "Azores & Metal Vol #2". And let us tell you, it's an absolute metal extravaganza!
Last year, they wowed us with the first volume of this jaw-dropping compilation, and this time, they've outdone themselves. Seventeen songs, seventeen bands – all handpicked from the depths of Azorean talent and passion.
But hold on, metalheads, this isn't your average compilation – it's a collector's dream come true! Each track a relentless assault of guitar riffs, thundering drums, and vocals that'll make your spine tingle.
Representing Terceira Island, we have the ferocious Depths of Mankind and the mighty Palha D'Aço. Joining the lineup are the explosive Damage Device and the enigmatic M1KE, a solo project that's been making waves from Spain to the Azores.
S. Miguel doesn't disappoint either, with bands like Drvzka, Venên, Dark Age of Ruin, Veia, Drakh, and Riots at Lobe making their triumphant return. And that's not all – we've got new faces too, like After the Rain, Even Mind, Happy Kemper, Finding Sanity, and The Absolute End. Oh, and let's not forget the long-awaited comeback of veterans In Peccatum and CrossFaith after almost eight years!
Get ready to headbang to tracks like "Destiny," "Shell of the Beast," and "Hollow" – just a taste of the fiery energy that "Azores & Metal Vol #2" brings to the table.
A 100% Azorean production, this compilation has earned the support and backing of numerous entities within the metal community, both national and regional. From radio stations to record labels, webzines to specialty stores, everyone is rallying behind this proud regional heavy metal project.
With partners like Caminhos Metálicos, Bunker Store, World of Metal, LOUD!, and many more, the Azorean metal scene is poised to conquer the world.
So, dear metalheads, head over to MHMA's Facebook page and Bandcamp to experience the explosive force of "Azores & Metal Vol #2". Embrace the power of Azorean Heavy Metal.

Youtube Video:
Drvzka ft Stepan Kobyakin - Shell of The Beast
Venên - You Can´t Stop Me
Happy Kemper - Hand Over Candle
Depths of Mankind - Pariah
\m/ Stay Heavy, Stay Metal \m/