Fatal Nation - Metaphor


Fatal Nation: Rising from the Ashes with "Metafors" - A Metaphorical Metal Journey

In the twisted annals of metal history, there lies a tale of resilience, rebirth, and relentless sonic power. Enter Fatal Nation, a band that first saw the light of day in 1997, only to rise from the ashes once again with an electrifying force in 2020.
Led by the formidable founding members Elkhan Alshin and Ramin Sadig, Fatal Nation embarked on a journey that began as a crossover metal force. With a storm of raw talent and unyielding passion, they conquered international metal fests, leaving crowds in awe from Belarus to Krimea.
But as with many legendary stories, there came a time when the warriors dispersed, leaving behind a trail of unreleased demos and EPs that lay dormant for years. The silence was deafening, but the fire within their souls never truly faded.
Fast forward to 2020, a new chapter unfolds. Elkhan, Ramin, and the guitar virtuoso Vadim Yerin reunite, rekindling the flame that once burned bright. But they needed a voice that could channel their metaphors into lyrical brilliance, and that's when Roman Shoolga, the master of vocal mayhem, joined the ranks.
The reborn Fatal Nation unleashed a storm of creativity, crafting an album that defied boundaries and ventured deep into the human psyche. "Metafors", their debut masterpiece, emerged as a collection of thoughts expressed in a metaphorical torrent, reflecting the raw realities of our turbulent times.
Intricate guitar melodies, crushing rhythms, and Roman's haunting vocals create an otherworldly fusion, a soundscape that navigates through the labyrinth of human existence. The "Metafors" album is a poetic journey through the mindscape of one individual, touching upon the enigmatic aspects of our shared reality.
But no metal odyssey is complete without the thumping heartbeat of the bass, and fate smiled upon Fatal Nation as the bassist extraordinaire, Anar Aliyev, found his rightful place in the lineup. The circle was complete, and a new era of sonic power was born.
Their "Metafors" album was released on September 15, 2021, and thanks to their indomitable spirit, they're ready to conquer the metal realm.
Fatal Nation - Metaphor
So brace yourselves, fellow metal disciples, for Fatal Nation's "Metafors" is an auditory pilgrimage like no other. Each track, a lyrical enigma; each riff, a gut-punching revelation. Are you prepared to traverse the realm of metaphors and unleash the full force of your metal spirit?
Step into the world of Fatal Nation, where metaphor and melody merge, and reality meets raw emotion. Together, let us embrace the metaphors of life and let the music ignite our souls. For in the world of Fatal Nation, the journey has just begun.