Comaniac - Nothing But Lies


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Comaniac Unleashes Thrashing Fury with "NOTHING BUT LIES" – A Must-Watch Video!
Hold on tight, metalheads, because the Swiss powerhouse COMANIAC is back with a relentless punch to the gut! Brace yourself for their scorching second single, "NOTHING BUT LIES," an unapologetic thrash metal anthem that'll leave you gasping for breath!
"NOTHING BUT LIES" is a sonic assault that pulls no punches, delivering biting criticism to the deceivers and exploiters who sit at the top of the pyramid. Lead vocalist Schmirgel's furious voice cuts through the chaos, demanding you to question the status quo and join the rebellion against blind obedience!
With relentless energy and blistering guitar riffs, "NOTHING BUT LIES" is a brutal reminder of the harsh realities of our world. As the track's relentless drive builds up, you'll find yourself headbanging and moshing in a frenzy of rebellion!
But wait, there's more! On October 13th, 2023, brace yourselves for the onslaught of COMANIAC's fourth studio album, "NONE FOR ALL." This monolithic masterpiece will be available in various formats – vinyl, CD, tape, and digital – courtesy of METALWORLD. Prepare to surrender to the chaos!
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COMANIAC's signature blend of contemporary thrash metal dynamism will crush you under its weight, and you'll find yourself begging for more! These Swiss titans are here to claim their rightful place in the metal pantheon, and we're ready to bow to their thrashing majesty!
Prepare for the storm that is COMANIAC – they're coming to blow your minds and shake your souls with the power of their Thrash Metal hurricane!