King Ov Wyrms - “In Aeons We Spoke”


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King Ov Wyrms Unleash The Second Chapter of Black Metal Domination With “In Aeons We Spoke”
New Album “The Womb Ov Borealis” Out October 2023
In a world ablaze with sonic fire, where the howling winds of Tuscon, USA can barely keep pace with the frigid onslaught of King Ov Wyrms' black metal, metal aficionados worldwide are bracing themselves for the unveiling of the band's latest opus, "The Womb Ov Borealis". This sophomore release, following the seismic "Lord Ov Thrones" from 2020, is a defiant step into uncharted realms, an unapologetic plunge into the abyss of creativity that sets them apart as harbingers of a new age of black metal savagery.
As the album prepares to grip the world on October 6, 2023, the battle cry begins with the single "In Aeons We Spoke". A tumultuous cascade of otherworldly echoes ushers in the listener before the band's instruments creep forward, a dark herald of the horror that awaits. This track stands as the album's thunderous manifesto, an uncompromising storm that grabs the listener's attention and shakes them to the core. Guitarist/vocalist Oneirous and drummer Ricky Williams, the mystical conduits behind King Ov Wyrms, have taken the unprecedented step of starring in the accompanying music video, marking a rebirth into a new chapter of chaotic brilliance.
Extreme Brilliance, Dark Majesty: “In Aeons We Spoke”
"In Aeons We Spoke" is more than a song; it's an eldritch odyssey into the heart of darkness, a soul-stirring march through realms both familiar and uncharted. King Ov Wyrms defies convention, weaving their web of sound with a newfound progressive spirit that melds seamlessly with their death and black metal roots. The video itself, unveiled in all its splendor on SlamWorldwide (, is a testament to the boundless ferocity the band now embodies.
For those who find solace in the auditory realms crafted by Belphegor, Vader, and Morbid Angel, the forthcoming "The Womb Ov Borealis" is an album of epochal proportions. With tracks like "Grave Ov Birth", "Sulphur", and "Illusory Veil", King Ov Wyrms orchestrates a symphony of darkness that consumes, captivates, and conquers.
Unveiling The Architects of Chaos: Lineup and Vision
Behind the curtain of chaos stand the architects themselves: Michael Oneirous Sanchez, the enigmatic vocalist, guitarist, and bassist who manifests the band's spectral visions in the studio, and the relentless percussive force of Ricky Williams. On several tracks, the sinister presence of session bassist Derrek Page adds depth to the sonic assault, a ritual of sound and fury that reverberates through the halls of eternity.
Mark your calendars, dear metal disciples, for October 6, 2023, when "The Womb Ov Borealis" will be unleashed upon the world. Prepare for an unrelenting onslaught, an hour-long voyage into realms of primal power and raw emotion. The future of black metal domination is inscribed with the mark of King Ov Wyrms, and its arrival is imminent.
The shadows beckon, and King Ov Wyrms heeds the call. Prepare to descend into the abyss with "The Womb Ov Borealis".