Bazooka Troopaz - "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"


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Bazooka Troopaz Unleashes "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" - Thrashin' It Norwegian Style!

 Hold onto your battle helmets, metalheads, because Norway's very own Bazooka Troopaz are about to blow your eardrums into the next dimension with their latest single, "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"! But before we dive headfirst into the glorious chaos, let me give you a little briefing on what you're about to experience.
Hailing from the icy depths of Norway, Bazooka Troopaz is here to unleash their self-released digital album, aptly titled "Bombs, Babes and Bazookas", scheduled to drop on November 10, 2023. These fearless troopers are diving headfirst into the realms of Thrash Metal, Crossover Thrash, and Heavy Metal, and let me tell you, they're armed to the teeth with sonic artillery.
The power trio behind this auditory assault is led by none other than Sergeant Brains on vocals, Lieutenant Don Shrediablo on guitars, and Colonel Frankie Key-Key pounding the drums. With a lineup like that, you know you're in for a metal maelstrom of epic proportions!
Now, let's talk about the latest explosive round in their arsenal: "Hard Ticket to Hawaii". This track is like a relentless war machine marching forward with bone-crushing riffs and Sergeant Brains' vocals leading the charge. It's the kind of song that makes you want to don a leather jacket, grab a six-pack of your favorite brew, and headbang like there's no tomorrow. And let's not forget the sizzling guitar solos that'll melt your face faster than a bazooka through butter!
But "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" is just one of the battle cries from "Bombs, Babes and Bazookas". The album is loaded with tracks that hit harder than a tank shell. With titles like "Booze Alley Brutal", "Beer Slam", and "Cannibal Catering", you know you're in for a wild ride through a metal war zone.
So, metal comrades, lock and load, because Bazooka Troopaz is on a mission to unleash auditory mayhem like never before. Prepare for "Bombs, Babes and Bazookas" to detonate on November 10, 2023, and remember, when you're in the trenches of metal, there's no turning back. Let's thrash this joint, Norwegian style!
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