Beltfed Weapon - "Darkened Demise"


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Beltfed Weapon's 'Darkened Demise EP': Metal's All-Star Bash of Thrash

Beltfed Weapon - Eternal Fire (Official Lyric Video)

Seattle's Beltfed Weapon unleashes a metal symphony of pure madness and star power! Led by guitarist Frank Hetzel, this EP isn't just a killer release; it's a heavyweight collaboration of metal maestros dedicating their riffs to the late Timothy L. Aymar.
With an all-star lineup boasting Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Kragen Lum (Exodus/Heathen), Tim Aymar (Control Denied), Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), J.D. DeServio (Black Label Society), Jason Viebrooks (Exhorder), Dagna Silesia, and Bryan Newberry (Into Eternity), they've formed a metal Voltron!
Struggling to lock in a solid lineup, Hetzel took matters into his own hands and crafted this EP with a heavyweight team of metal legends. From thrash to prog and power metal, Beltfed Weapon delivers a musical feast that'll leave you headbanging and craving more.
"Headfirst Into Hell" leads the charge, blending thrash riffs and prog rhythms, with Tim Aymar's melodic voice guiding the storm. "Accept Your Insanity" delivers a piledriving metal assault featuring Jeff Loomis, J.D. DeServio, and Bryan Newberry.
This EP isn’t just about selling records; it's a testament to friendship, passion, and decades of heavy music. Hetzel's thrilled with the outcome, describing it as the pinnacle of his musical journey.
Beltfed Weapon's 'Darkened Demise EP' isn't just an album—it's a metal legacy. Dive into the madness, ride the riffs, and crank up the volume. Metalheads, you don't want to miss this metal feast!
For the ultimate metal experience, check out their video 'Eternal Fire' and join the thrash-filled journey!
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