Never Reborn - “Existence Denied”


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Never Reborn: Thrashing Through Time with “Existence Denied” Lyric Video!

Diving deep into the metal vortex, Arizona's own powerhouse trio, Never Reborn, is blasting their way back to the future with a colossal thrash anthem! Fresh off the heels of their seismic release, "Ashes of Our Past," these titans unleash the infernal fires of "Existence Denied" in a scorching new lyric video.
In this ferocious track, vocalist/guitarist Steve White spills the beans on a journey through the veils of reincarnation, a tale of cursed memories from past lives haunting the present, and the agony of those left behind. Originally an instrumental gem from the 80s, the addition of lyrics was like adding a turbocharger to a rocket ship—an idea pushed by none other than their recording maestro, Ryan Bram. As White admits, sometimes, it takes a push to bring out the brilliance!
Never Reborn's sonic alchemy combines thrash, black, and classic heavy metal in a cauldron of pure, unadulterated sound. Their sophomore release, "Ashes of Our Past," marks a quantum leap in their musical evolution. From the ethereal opening of "Storms End" to the thunderous finale of "Requiem (World of Hurt)," each track is a chapter in this sonic odyssey.
But wait, there's more to this musical chronicle! The band defies conventions, treating their album like a collection of spellbinding short stories. Carefully sequenced, each song crafts an immersive journey—a fact emphasized by the band, who recommend experiencing the album in its meticulously arranged order.
Released on March 18, 2023, "Ashes of Our Past" is a wild, adrenaline-pumping ride available on Bandcamp and Spotify for all those seeking thrash salvation.
Here's a taste of the epic tracklist:
Storms End - 0:44
Never Reborn - 5:49
Existence Denied - 6:16
Ashes of Our Past - 4:16
Haunted Eternally - 6:41
Deathmarch Armageddon - 5:12
Fallen One - 5:43
Children of Fire - 5:52
False Prophecies - 2:56
Requiem (World of Hurt) - 4:44
Thrash aficionados, heed the call! Dive into the raw energy of Never Reborn, recommended for disciples of Kreator, Carcass, and Death. For those seeking the essence of 80s-style black/thrash/death, "Ashes of Our Past" is your holy grail, earning accolades as one of the underground's best albums of 2023.
As Metal Digest's Adam McCann puts it, "There is no other way to really describe ‘Ashes of Our Past’ other than excellent." Prepare to be reborn into a whirlwind of thrash excellence! 🤘