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"Strigampire: Unleashing 'All To Dominate' - A Thrash Symphony from the North!"

Metalheads, brace yourselves for a thunderous return from Quebec, Canada's very own Strigampire! This powerhouse of metal has been brewing for over two decades, and now, they're back with a vengeance. Their upcoming album, "All To Dominate", set to drop on December 15, 2023, is about to set the metal world ablaze.
But before we dive into the chaos that is "All To Dominate", let's talk about "Liberty", the first single from the album. This track addresses the psychological and emotional consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vocalist Steve DC aptly describes it as a wild rollercoaster, starting with fast and thrashy riffs that lead to powerful, rock-oriented sections. And don't even get us started on Johnny Dead's guitar solo or the warrior-like riff that'll make you want to unleash havoc!
Strigampire is no stranger to the metal scene, and they've emerged from years of hard work and a triumphant return to the stage as the Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2023 Champions, securing their spot at the legendary Wacken Open Air.
"All To Dominate" features 10 tracks, including 9 new originals and a cover. This album is an emotional rollercoaster, ranging from melancholic to powerful. It's tailor-made for fans of Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, and At The Gates.
But don't just take our word for it; check out the lyric video for "Liberty" here:
The album is up for pre-order (CD/Digital) at The credits for this masterpiece go to all the members of Strigampire, with a special shoutout to producer Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) for adding his magic touch.

Strigampire's lineup for this sonic assault includes:
Steve DC on vocals
Johnny Dead on guitars
Willy Thousand on guitars
BadGuy P. Provencher on bass
James Foster on drums
Strigampire has been hailed as a treasure from Quebec, and their journey from their teenage years to Wacken Open Air in Germany is a testament to their dedication and talent.
Get ready, metalheads, because "All To Dominate" is on the horizon, and Strigampire is here to lead you on a thrash-filled symphony from the North. Rock on! 🤘
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