Worth - "Unbound"


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Worth Strikes Gold with Unbound: A Vocal Journey!

Prepare your eardrums for a spine-tingling experience, metalheads! WORTH, the powerhouse of melodic death metal, just dropped a vocal playthrough video for their track "Unbound", leaving jaws dropped and heads banging!
WATCH the Vocal Mastery in 'Unbound': Prepare for Melodic Mayhem!

Taken from their self-titled album released via the epic Wormholedeath, "WORTH" isn't just an album; it's a 14-track odyssey through the realms of melodic death metal. Each track boasts its own unique vibe, delivering an electric shock to your auditory senses. This album isn't just a milestone for the band; it's a roaring testament to their evolution.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Be'lakor, Insomnium, and Dark Tranquillity, "WORTH" isn't your average metal release—it's a powerhouse of sonic storytelling and spine-tingling melodies.
Dive Into the Sonic Journey of 'WORTH':
Stream "Worth" Album: https://orcd.co/worth
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So, grab your air guitars, raise your horns high, and embark on a melodic adventure with WORTH. It's more than just music; it's a symphony of metal excellence! 🤘