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Ashes of Perishing Ignite Dark Tales with Debut EP Release on the Horizon

Prepare to plunge into the depths of Helsinki's own abyss as Ashes of Perishing unveils their debut EP, "FRVR / CRSD", slated to hit airwaves on February 29th, 2024, via Inverse Records. The journey commences with their searing single, "Waste of Life", a visceral narrative encapsulating the twisted corridors of human existence.
With a music video that accompanies the single, "Waste of Life" acts as a haunting tour guide through the shadows of humanity's underbelly. This track isn't just a song, it's an emotional battleground where the scars of others' actions linger like unhealed wounds, cutting deep into the fabric of our existence.
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The band shares their insight, stating, "Waste of Life is an odyssey through the darkest recesses of the human experience. It's a confrontation with the repercussions of our actions, an exploration of pain, hate, and the relentless pursuit of forgiveness".
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Composed by Valtteri Limnell and lyricized by Petteri Ylitalo, "Waste of Life" serves as an unapologetic exposé, one among a quartet of tracks on the EP. Brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster encompassing themes of eternity, curses, and the weight of burdens.
EP Tracklist:
Waste of Life
Drenched in sonic fury, Ashes of Perishing stands tall with a lineup boasting Petteri Ylitalo on vocals, Valtteri Limnell and Joonas Makkonen on guitars, Philipp Kashin on bass, and Olli Laine hammering the drums.
Prepare for an odyssey that delves into the heart of darkness, resonating with the relentless fury of modern metalcore. Ashes of Perishing beckons you to join their descent into the depths of human emotion, where the music isn't just heard, but felt in the very core of your being.
#Ashes of Perishing Ignite Dark Tales with Debut EP Release on the Horizon