Belle Morte - “Exorcism”


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Belle Morte Unleashes Exotic Sonic Ritual in Latest “Exorcism” Music Video

Belle Morte, the dark symphonic metal sensation hailing from Belarus, has summoned an international musical séance with their latest release, "Exorcism." In this haunting track, they transport listeners on an Eastward expedition, traversing the Mongolian grasslands in a whirlwind of sonic mystique.
The single isn't your typical metal melody; it's a musical voyage to the land of the rising sun, featuring the mesmerizing sounds of the mornin khuur—a traditional Mongolian bowed string instrument—and khuumei, the mystical art of throat singing. And who's behind this sonic sorcery? None other than Ulziisaihan Horoldamba, casting a spell with these ancient musical traditions.
This isn't just a song; it's a transcendental experience. Dive into the mystical melodies of Belle Morte's international collaborative series, where cultures collide and music becomes a conduit to distant lands and unexplored realms.
Ready to be bewitched by Belle Morte's musical conjuring? Procure your copy of "Exorcism" HERE and prepare for a journey that transcends continents and resonates in the heart.
For those craving the gothic allure of dark symphonic metal laced with progressive flavors and a melancholic vibe, Belle Morte beckons you into their world. Brace yourself for a musical séance that dances on the edge of darkness and light.
Disclaimer: Listening to "Exorcism" may induce an irresistible urge to embark on a spiritual voyage through Mongolian soundscapes and embrace the symphonic shadows.