Ancient Settlers - "Tales From The Earth"


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Ancient Settlers Unleashes Acoustic Mayhem with 'Tales From The Earth' EP

Prepare for a sonic voyage as ANCIENT SETTLERS, the titans of auditory exploration, unveil their latest EP, 'Tales From The Earth'. Brace yourselves for acoustic enchantment and philosophical ponderings that transcend the boundaries of metal norms.
In this mystical chapter, ANCIENT SETTLERS trades electric storms for acoustic whispers, delving into the intricate tapestry of nature and human heritage. The EP, released under the Through Your Neck Records label, is a harmonious blend of acoustic mastery and philosophical lyricism.
The Pilgrims Memories
Lehorrekoa eta Itsasokoa (feat. Inaxio Esnaola)
Mother Earth (feat. Ivan Sensión)
Urqukunapa Herencian (feat. Hell Hammer)
Tales From The Earth (feat. Lur Burn Red)
The Pilgrims Memories (Instrumental)
Mother Earth (Instrumental)
Tales From The Earth (Instrumental)
These acoustic wonders are an auditory expedition, blending English, Basque, and Quechua languages, accompanied by sounds sourced directly from nature.
Agustín Martinez at Rockline Studios weaves his magic in mixing and mastering, ensuring that every note resonates with the primal energy of the earth. The EP's stunning cover, a visual symphony, is the brainchild of The Kraken Artworks.
While we soak in the acoustic marvels, ANCIENT SETTLERS isn't hitting pause. They are tirelessly crafting their second LP, a sonic odyssey produced by the two-time Grammy winner Fredrick Nordstrom at the Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Brace yourselves for another audio assault, set to be unleashed in the summer of 2024.
The artistic collaboration extends to the realms of illustration, with Jon Toussas (Suicidal Angels, Nightrage, Mors Principium Est.) contributing to the album's visual narrative.
Meet the Settlers: ANCIENT SETTLERS Lineup
Argen Death (Voice)
Carlos Chiesa-Estomba (Guitars and Voices)
Agustín Martinez (Guitars)
Miguel Herrera (Bass)
Hermán Riera (Drums)

Discography: A Saga Unfolding
Diamond Eyes (Single, 2021)
Autumnus (EP, 2021)
Our Last Eclipse - The Settlers Saga Pt. 1 (CD, 2022)
Transition (EP, 2023)
Tales From The Earth (EP, 2024)
ANCIENT SETTLERS' 'Tales From The Earth' is a testament to the band's artistic evolution. The acoustic journey transcends the typical metal soundscape, inviting listeners into a realm where nature and philosophy dance hand in hand. As we await their upcoming LP, it's clear that ANCIENT SETTLERS is not just a band; they're architects of sonic landscapes, sculpting musical tales that echo far beyond the earth's boundaries. A captivating acoustic escapade that leaves you craving more. 🌍🎸