Deadly Carnage - "Endless Blue"


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Dive into Deadly Carnage's Abyss with 'Endless Blue': A Metal Odyssey through Japanese Folklore

In a musical seascape where genres collide like tidal waves, Deadly Carnage's latest offering, "Endless Blue," emerges as a tsunami of creativity. Hailing from the depths of Italy, this post-black and doom metal amalgamation takes listeners on a sonorous voyage inspired by Japanese folklore and the mysteries concealed in oceanic depths.
Released on September 15, 2023, under the ATMF label, "Endless Blue" is more than an album; it's an immersive odyssey crafted to resonate with metal enthusiasts seeking a melodic journey that transcends the ordinary.
Picture this: Yokai, Yurei, and Oni – spirits, ghosts, and demons – dancing in the moonlit waves of the Pacific. This is the realm Deadly Carnage invites you to explore. Their concept album pays homage to Japanese legends and maritime folklore, intricately weaving a narrative that echoes the visual splendor of Ukiyo-e masterpieces.
Simone Mularoni, the guitarist of DGM, helmed the recordings at Domination Studio, Italy. The album's rawness is authentic, with drums recorded sans triggers and guitar/bass effects sculpted through analog marvels like vintage Marshall, Vox, and Ampeg amplifiers.
But what sets this odyssey apart are the ethnic instruments – Bouzouki, Lute, Mandolin, and Erhu – each played live, not sampled. Special mention goes to the haunting track "Mononoke," where the lyrics are sung in Japanese, adding a layer of authenticity and mystique.
The Deadly Carnage lineup – Alexios on vocals/guitars, Dave on guitars/piano, Adres on bass, and Marco on drums – along with guest musicians, especially Mike Crinella and The Nameless Goblin, infuse soul into each chapter of this musical saga.
The tracklist unfolds like a storybook:
Dying Sun: A poignant beginning (5:58)
Sublime Connection: Navigating the currents (5:52)
The Clue: An instrumental interlude (3:51)
Blue Womb: Deep and mysterious (4:48)
Mononoke: A lyrical venture into the unknown (5:19)
Swan Season: A symphony of seasons (4:30)
Moans, Grief and Wails: Echoes of the abyss (4:15)
Unknown Shores: An instrumental epilogue (4:20)
For those ready to embark on this audio expedition, Deadly Carnage welcomes you aboard:

In a world where genres collide like tempests, "Endless Blue" stands as a testament to Deadly Carnage's ability to navigate the uncharted waters of musical creativity. So, grab your compass and set sail into the abyss – a metal odyssey awaits.