Hatred Reigns - "To Depths Unknown"


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Hatred Reigns Unleashes Death Metal Onslaught with "To Depths Unknown" Playthrough!

Canada's Hatred Reigns is not here to play nice; they are here to bring the apocalypse, and their latest playthrough video for "To Depths Unknown" is the sonic Armageddon you never knew you needed. Buckle up, metalheads, because this is a descent into the abyss of brutality.
Hatred Reigns believes in an unapologetic, no-holds-barred approach to death metal, and their recent release, "Awaken The Ancients," is a testament to that philosophy. The eight-track journey pays homage to classic films, literature, and, of course, their musical influences. But don't be fooled; this is not your grandmother's bedtime story—it's a sonic odyssey that grips you and doesn't let go.
The band's resilience during the recording process is the stuff of legends. From COVID-19 lockdowns to illnesses, technical challenges, and complex musical arrangements, "Awaken The Ancients" faced it all. Yet, Hatred Reigns emerged victorious, delivering an album that defies conventional limitations.
The playthrough video for "To Depths Unknown" takes you on a frenzied freefall, much like the protagonist of the song. Caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty, the protagonist grapples with the unpredictable twists of destiny. As they descend into the abyss of the unknown, the album's thematic exploration is vividly portrayed.
Mitchi Dimitriadis, the band's vocalist who also mixed and mastered the album, played a pivotal role in bringing guitarist Jeff Calder's vision to life. Together, they crafted a sonic landscape that incorporates percussive sounds, spoken word elements, and digital samples. Pedro "Lordigan" Sena, the album's designer, added a visual layer with artwork depicting countless aimless souls preparing to face judgment.
The tracks on "Awaken The Ancients" are a testament to the band's diverse influences, seamlessly woven into a unified entity. This is not your run-of-the-mill death metal; it's a compelling fusion recommended for fans of Carcass, Behemoth, and Cryptopsy.
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Album Track Listing:
Awaken The Ancients (5:20)
Pain Leads To Nothingness (3:16)
To Depths Unknown (2:40)
Obsolarium (2:36)
Ushered By Charon (5:23)
Planes Divide (3:47)
Absentia (4:58)
Departing Acheron (3:43)
Total Album Length: 31:20
Album and Live Lineup:
Mitchi Dimitriadis - Vocals
Jeff Calder - Guitars
Neil Grandy - Drums
Adam Semler - Bass & Vocals
"Hatred Reigns’ 'Awaken the Ancients' is Brutality in Sound and Theme... For those of you who can’t get enough of their brutal technical death metal thematically based on What Dreams May Come, Dante’s Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost, and love wallowing in the murky anguish of life’s darkness, take an audio gander at the stream of the album" - Decibel Magazine