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Canada's Marble Ghosts Unleash Sonic Rebellion with "Old School" Ahead of Debut EP Drop

Hey metalheads, get ready to bang your heads and break some chains because Canada's newest metal sensation, Marble Ghosts, is about to hit us with their debut EP in March 2024. And guess what? They've just dropped a sonic bomb called "Old School" that's basically the middle finger to those using religion to spread hate. Yeah, you heard it right!
These guys aren't here to play nice. "Old School" is a thrash punk rollercoaster with a chorus so sharp, it could cut through the toughest of norms. The song's all about standing up to the ones twisting religious teachings for their hate-filled agenda. Marble Ghosts declare, "God is love and God is hate" and they're not taking crap from any deity whose followers can't embrace love in all its glorious forms.
Now, let's talk about this band. They're like a musical cocktail, mixing a death metal drummer, an old-school metal bassist, a grunge-loving singer, and a metalcore guitarist. Talk about breaking the mold! Marble Ghosts isn't just a band; it's a statement that music should be free from labels.
Despite being the new kids on the metal block, Marble Ghosts have a clear vision. Their debut EP is a wild ride through five tracks that showcase influences from everywhere. They're not afraid to clash generations, letting their music evolve naturally as they find their groove together.
And about that name, Marble Ghosts? It's a nod to historical figures who, despite their dark side, are still hailed as pioneers. These guys want to challenge that tradition and make you think while you headbang.
If you're into Shinedown, Saint Asonia, or Three Days Grace, Marble Ghosts are about to become your new obsession.
Stay tuned for Marble Ghosts' EP dropping in March 2024. The release date's a mystery for now, but we'll find out soon. And while you wait, check out their previous banger "Alone" on YouTube here and digital platforms here.
Track Listing:
Old School (3:10)
Lie to Me (4:22)
Alone (4:03)
False Heroes (4:33)
End of the World (3:58) EP Length: 20:07
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Marble Ghosts aren't just making music; they're making a statement. "Old School" hits hard, and their diverse lineup promises a metal revolution. March 2024 can't come soon enough; these guys are about to take the Canadian metal scene by storm.