Opium Death - "Genocidal Nemesis"


Upcoming Release:

Opium Death Unleashes Metal Apocalypse with Debut Album "Genocidal Nemesis"


Get ready to have your ears pulverized, metalheads, because Opium Death is about to drop their debut full-length album, "Genocidal Nemesis". Straight outta the metal crucible of Chicago, USA, this extreme metal juggernaut is here to wreak havoc on your auditory senses and leave you headbanging in awe.
The album promises a sonic rollercoaster, a wild ride through tempo dynamics, diverse song structures, and a lyrical journey that'll make your inner metal soul resonate. Opium Death is not here to play; they're here to conquer with a relentless assault of heaviness.
But before you dive into the metal abyss, get a taste of what's coming with their brutal single, "Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear". According to the band, it's all about the birth of the antichrist fueled by the worship of the almighty dollar. Because, let's face it, money makes the metal world go round, and Opium Death is here to soundtrack the chaos.
The band's odd-time riff in the single is like a musical Molotov cocktail – explosive and attention-grabbing. It's a sonic rebellion that'll have you banging your head and raising your horns in unison. Opium Death knows how to start an album with a bang, and this track is the sonic declaration of war.
As they gear up to unleash "Genocidal Nemesis" on April 19, 2024, Opium Death wants you to know that this isn't just another metal album; it's a communal experience. The band taps into the universal anger we all share, whether it's direct or indirect, and transforms it into a relentless passion for extreme music.
Opium Death's musical DNA is a fusion of black, thrash, and death metal, sprinkled with technical and progressive elements. It's a metal buffet, and they've prepared a feast for fans of Death, Gojira, and Cannibal Corpse. With influences that run deep, Opium Death is on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the metal landscape.
So, my fellow metal warriors, mark your calendars for the apocalypse on April 19. "Genocidal Nemesis" is not just an album; it's a declaration of sonic war, and Opium Death is leading the charge. Pre-order your ticket to the metal battleground at https://opiumdeath.bandcamp.com/album/genocidal-demo and brace yourselves for the metal storm of 2024.
As a metalhead myself, the anticipation for "Genocidal Nemesis" is real. Opium Death's blend of aggression, diversity, and unapologetic heaviness has me on the edge of my seat. So, prepare your necks, metal brethren; this is going to be a headbanging journey you won't soon forget. Horns up! 🤘💀