We don't care - "Shitty Song"


Remember, two Years Ago, We Don't Care Released Their EP

We don't care Navigates the Seas of Punk, Rock, Stoner, Grunge, and Metal... Unleashing Unfiltered Raw Rock!

In a musical landscape cluttered with genres, one band fearlessly sets sail across uncharted waters, blending Punk, Rock, Stoner, Grunge, and Metal seamlessly. It's been a year since We Don't Care dropped their EP, aptly named "Shitty Song," and their unique brand of unfiltered, in-your-face rock is still echoing in our ears.
From the first strum of the guitar to the thunderous beats, We Don't Care delivers a no-frills rock experience that hits you like a punch to the gut. The guitars wield efficient and robust riffs, while the rhythms are downright infectious. The hallmark of this quartet is boundless energy that permeates every note they play.
What happens when you throw Punk rebellion, Rock attitude, Stoner groove, Grunge grit, and Metal intensity into a musical cauldron? You get We Don't Care's signature sound – a sonic storm that defies categorization, capturing the essence of rebellion and musical exploration.
It's been one year since "Shitty Song" graced our playlists. While the title may suggest self-deprecation, the EP is anything but. It's a bold statement, a musical middle finger to convention, and a celebration of the imperfect beauty that is rock.
Lead vocals that pierce through the chaos, guitars that weave sonic tapestries, bass that anchors the madness, and drums that drive the heartbeat of rebellion – these are the weapons wielded by We Don't Care.
As a metalhead on this auditory adventure, diving into "Shitty Song" was like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest buried deep in the metal archives. We Don't Care refuses to be confined, taking you on a turbulent ride through musical genres. It's a testament to the band's refusal to adhere to norms, creating an EP that's as diverse as it is unapologetically raw. Here's to another year of rocking out with We Don't Care – may the seas remain uncharted, and the music, untamed!