ABHCAN - "Build & Break"


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ABHCAN Unleashes Progressive Metal Magic: A Femme-Powered Sonic Odyssey!


Get ready for a wild ride as Abhcan, the Parisian progressive metal squad fronted by a badass female vocalist, is back with their second album, and it's hitting harder than a mosh pit at a Slayer concert. Brought to you by the musical maestros at M&O Music/M&O Office, this album is a relentless blend of melodic fluidity, power-packed punches, and a vocal performance that could rival the sirens of ancient mythology.
First things first, let's talk about that voice – the leading lady of Abhcan is a vocal powerhouse, seamlessly navigating from melodic serenity to aggressive might. It's like she's got a backstage pass to vocal versatility, and she's flaunting it like a metal goddess.
The music? Oh, it's a headbang-worthy journey through the realms of progressive metal. Picture this: modulations in the female vocals that'll give you goosebumps, intertwined with fluid metallic rock and occasional face-melting guitar solos. It's like they've cracked the code to the perfect metal concoction – energetic, diverse, and loaded with enough power to wake the metal gods themselves.
But hold on, fellow metalheads, you can't judge the whole beast by just one growl. Dive into the sonic madness and check out a taste of their Parisian prowess with this Bandcamp link: Abhcan - Build Break. It's like a teaser for a metal blockbuster, and trust me, you'll be begging for the full-length feature.

In conclusion, Abhcan delivers a progressive metal explosion that's not just commendable but downright electrifying. The femme-powered vocals add an extra layer of allure to an already honorable metal offering. This album isn't just music; it's an auditory adventure, and Abhcan is the fearless guide leading us through the dynamic landscapes of metal. If you're craving a metal journey that's as versatile as it is powerful, buckle up and let Abhcan take you for a ride. This one's a metal masterpiece in the making. \m/