Eternal Returns - Hunchback Hatred


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Eternal Returns - Hunchback Hatred - Prepare to Headbang While Contemplating Your Vertebral Doom!

Forget your yoga instructor, Eternal Returns are here to bend you over with a new album so heavy it'll make your chakras weep! Hunchback Hatred, dropping December 8th on Wormholedeath Records, is a brutal nine-track odyssey that throws down a Molotov cocktail of death metal, symphonic black metal, thrash, and groove. Buckle up, metal maniacs, this ain't your grandma's bingo night!
Eternal Returns, hailing from the metal melting pot of India and Ukraine, aren't just here to shred faces. They're using their sonic assault to tackle big ideas like self-awareness, societal mind games, cultural clashes, and the ever-present itch for revenge. Picture the human condition as a hunchback, all twisted and burdened by the weight of the world. That's the metaphor, folks, and it's as heavy as the riffs.
But don't get bogged down in existential dread just yet! This album is more than just philosophical headbanging. It's a story of the human spirit's struggle and resilience, all set to a soundtrack that'll make your neck hurt in the best way possible. Imagine Dimmu Borgir and Cannibal Corpse having a fistfight in a mosh pit, and you're halfway there.
Narendra Patel's vocals are pure venom, spitting lyrics that'll make you question your reality. Harsh Makwana and Shankul Chavan weave a tapestry of searing guitars that'll melt your face like a cheese pizza left in the sun too long. And Viktor Litvinov on drums? Dude hits harder than a toddler with a participation trophy.
This album is a beast. It's brutal, it's thought-provoking, and it's got enough hooks to catch Moby Dick with a rusty nail. If you're looking for something to challenge your head and your headbanging muscles, Hunchback Hatred is your prescription. Just make sure you warn your neighbors before hitting play – the walls might not survive.
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