Kelevra - "Oneiric"

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Kelevra Unleashes Metal Mayhem with "Oneiric" - Brace for Impact on March 8, 2024!

In the frostbitten expanse of the Canadian prairies, a melodic storm is brewing, and its name is KELEVRA. Armed with high-caliber live shows and two EPs that shook the Great White North, these sonic architects are gearing up for a full-frontal assault on the metal scene with their upcoming album, "Oneiric," set to drop like a sonic bomb on March 8, 2024.
As a prelude to the impending metal apocalypse, KELEVRA sets the stage ablaze with their latest single, "Cleanse With Fire." A technical juggernaut, the track is a rollercoaster of breakneck tempos, searing leads, and unexpected twists that mirror the frantic countdown to doomsday. It's a musical inferno where aggression meets undeniable grooves, leaving listeners reckoning with the madness in the ticking clock's relentless advance.
KELEVRA doesn't just make music; they craft a collaborative sonic tapestry. "Oneiric" is the brainchild of five musical maestros, each contributing their unique flavor to the melodic metal cauldron. Forget about solo reflections; this is a fusion of five creatives, creating a diverse record that transcends individual styles. It's like a metal potluck, where every dish is a masterpiece.
What sets KELEVRA apart is their lyrical diversity, courtesy of three distinct voices within the band. "Oneiric" weaves tales that are not singular reflections but a harmonious blend of three unique perspectives. It's a lyrical journey that mirrors the multifaceted nature of the band, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
Recommended for Fans of Metal's Holy Trinity: Lamb of God, Unearth, Gojira

If your eardrums crave the progressive and melodic mayhem served by the likes of Lamb of God, Unearth, or Gojira, then "Oneiric" is your sonic haven. It's not just an album; it's a metal pilgrimage that promises to leave you enlightened and thoroughly rocked.
For a taste of what's to come, witness the incendiary video premiere of "Cleanse With Fire" on NoCleanSinging. Buckle up; it's a wild ride!
Music Video - “The Distance”:
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Prepare your metal arsenal and pre-order "Oneiric" at KELEVRA's Bandcamp. Trust us; your playlist will thank you later.
Meet the Architects of Chaos:
Dylan Dobrescu (Drums)
Brett Forst (Guitar)
Matt Fraser (Vocals)
Adrienne Mahoney (Bass)
Mat Yarotski (Guitar)
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KELEVRA's "Cleanse With Fire" feels like a sonic baptism in the fires of musical purity. The anticipation for "Oneiric" is akin to awaiting a metal comet to blaze across the sky. Brace yourselves; KELEVRA is about to redefine your metal expectations. \m/