Smerdead - "About Life, Death, and War"


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Smerdead Unleashes Zombie Apocalypse with Latest EP: "About Life, Death, and War"

Prepare yourselves, metal minions, because the Russian undead force known as Smerdead has risen once again, bringing with them a sonic onslaught in the form of their latest EP, "About Life, Death, and War." These Siberian lords of Zombie Metal have unleashed a brain-melting experience that will leave you headbanging in the graveyard.
Hailing from the icy realms of Siberia, Smerdead emerged from the permafrost in 2018, bringing together the undead talents of Kozlodyor (Vocals), Smerd (Guitars), Khrych (Bass), and Dorf (Drums). Their mission? To create music that's as infectious as a zombie apocalypse. And boy, have they succeeded!
The EP was birthed in the mystical WattaStudio, where the dead are brought back to life in the form of face-melting tunes. The mixing and mastering sorcery was handled by the dynamic duo, Alexander Dorohin and Denis Shurakov, at WhiteBoxStudio. These guys didn't just record an EP; they summoned a musical undead army.
So, what's Zombie Metal, you ask? It's not your typical bedtime lullaby. It's the raw, relentless energy of the undead fused with the thunderous beats of metal. Smerdead doesn't just play music; they orchestrate a sonic apocalypse that will have you grooving while zombies rise from their graves.
Smerdead's "About Life, Death, and War" EP is a relentless assault on your senses. From the guttural growls of Kozlodyor to the face-melting riffs of Smerd, this EP is a headbanger's dream and a zombie's anthem. It's not just music; it's a journey into the undead realm. Brace yourselves for a moshpit of the dead! 🧟‍♂️🤘

Smerdead's new EP feels like a sonic apocalypse. The fusion of zombie vibes with metal intensity is a headbanging experience. From the first track to the last, it's a relentless journey into the underworld. 🤘