Sol Negate - "A Mind That Bleeds"


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Sol Negate Unleashes "A Mind That Bleeds" - A Symphony of Metal Enlightenment!

Prepare to have your musical senses obliterated as Sol Negate, the brainchild of composer and guitar virtuoso Edoardo Curatolo, unveils the mind-bending lyric video for their track "A Mind That Bleeds". This gem is a standout from their concept album "On the Verge of Dreaming Again", set to make a triumphant return on March 8, 2024, via Wormholedeath.
Dive into the Abyss - "A Mind That Bleeds" Lyric Video:
Edoardo Curatolo, the mad genius behind Sol Negate, invites listeners on a cosmic journey into the labyrinth of self-identity with this track. "A Mind That Bleeds" poses the existential question of "Who am I?" and dives deep into the tangled web of identity within the confines of society. Brace yourselves for a symphonic and progressive death metal masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional metal.
Formed in the metal heartland of Seattle, Sol Negate is not your average metal band. Blending classical composition with modern instruments, their sound is a marriage of progressive rock/metal, classical music, and extreme metal. Picture a sonic concoction that's both symphonic and heavy, defying traditional structures and aiming for a musical experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.
Sol Negate's debut album is not just a collection of songs; it's a conceptual odyssey exploring the realms of death and dreams. Imagine reliving the moments of your life flashing through your mind's eye as you take the plunge into the unknown. Edoardo Curatolo's brainchild challenges the boundaries of progressive death metal, featuring the talents of drummer Sebastian Lanser (Obsidious, ex-Obscura) and vocalist Riley McShane (Continuum, ex-Allegaeon).
Edoardo wears multiple hats as the composer, recording engineer, and producer, weaving a sonic tapestry that transcends the ordinary. The album was mixed and mastered by the renowned Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio, adding an extra layer of brilliance to the already intricate musical landscape.
Edoardo shares his vision, "It was made to be experienced from front to back, late in the evening, with some headphones... I hope it can provide a personal experience that grows with each listen."
Diving into Sol Negate's sonic universe is like embarking on a journey through the cosmos. "A Mind That Bleeds" is more than a song; it's a philosophical exploration set to a symphony of metal enlightenment. Sol Negate isn't just pushing boundaries; they're shattering them with an unparalleled blend of classical finesse and metal might. Get ready for a musical adventure that transcends the ordinary – this is Sol Negate, and they're redefining the very essence of metal. \m/