Anthares - "After The War"

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Anthares Unleashes Hell with "After The War" - Chaos Strikes Today on March 1, 2024!

Hold on tight, metalheads! Anthares, the Breton thrash metal titans, are gearing up to unleash a true sonic storm with their new Thrash Metal masterpiece, "After The War", which will surge through the airwaves today, March 1, 2024. Brace yourselves for a cerebral battle as this one is set to shake your very core.
If Slayer is your bible, Annihilator your anthem, and Exodus your ecstasy, then Anthares is your new religion. These chaos maestros from Morlaix have been reshaping the metal landscape since 1996. François Voisin, the sonic architect also known as Fanfan, birthed Anthares not only to create music but to unleash emotional storms through explosive riffs.
Three decades later, surviving countless pick attacks, Anthares' iconic Flying V stands proudly, ready to mobilize heads that don't just nod but embark on an relentless pilgrimage across the West Coast and beyond.
Anthares, in your face, is a no-frills, no-nonsense sonic storm. It's a raw, unembellished cascade of sounds adorned with lyrics that traverse realms of metaphor (think "Pro Memoria" in 1999), commitment to chaos ("Addicted to Chaos" in 2019), and apocalypse war ("After the War", 2024).
Even a forced hiatus from 2001 to 2013 couldn't stifle Anthares' trajectory. No compromises were made in their conquest of stages in France and beyond. Picture them sharing the stage with Loudblast in 1999, storming Hellfest in 2014, dominating Brest in 2018, and captivating La Rochelle in 2020.
On March 1, Anthares declares war on silence, unleashing "After The War." Get ready to be hammered, thrilled, and baptized in the relentless thrash that defines Anthares.
So, lace up those boots, secure your helmets, and get ready for a metalocalypse because "After The War" is about to become your battle anthem.
Are you ready for Anthares' Thrash Metal onslaught? March 1, 2024 - mark the date, metal warriors. Anthares is coming, and "After The War" is your war cry!
Follow Anthares on their metal conquest and join the legion of headbangers awaiting the Thrash Metal saga.
\m/ Stay Thrash \m/