Greystone Canyon - "Iron & Oak"


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Greystone Canyon's "Iron & Oak": An Aussie Musical Expedition Through Rock Realms

Greystone Canyon - We All Become Yesterday

Australia's own Greystone Canyon is back with a sonic tsunami, and they're unleashing their highly anticipated second album, "Iron & Oak," upon the world. Prepare your ears for a wild ride as Rockshots Records drops this piece of Down Under thunder on March 8th, following the trail blazed by their 2020 debut, "While the Wheels Still Turn."
Since their beginning in 2015-2016, Greystone Canyon has been on a mission to redefine rock authenticity. "Iron & Oak" is a testament to their commitment to delivering a sound that's as raw as an Aussie summer.
"Iron & Oak" offers us catchy tunes to epic symphonies. Greystone Canyon dabbles with 12-string guitars, Hammond organ, strings, and piano, promising a listening experience that's richer than a Vegemite sandwich. They've traded instrumentals for back-to-back, unapologetic rock anthems.
Greystone Canyon isn't just about riffs and beats; their lyrics are a ride through the Wild West, packed with personal reflections and historical nods. Themes of facing adversity, embracing one's journey, and a good ol' dose of Ozzy-like craziness make this album a lyrical rodeo.
The lead single, "We All Become Yesterday" is a rock carnival. With a groove that'll have you tapping like a kangaroo on a hot tin roof and a sing-along chorus that'll echo in your head, it's a banger. If Toto's "Rosanna" went down under, it might just sound like this.
Drawing inspiration from legends like Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, and Megadeth, Greystone Canyon blends classic influences with their Aussie grit. The result? A sound as potent as a venomous snake.
Greystone Canyon enlisted Grammy-nominated maestro Glen Robinson (Queensryche/Voivod) to mix the album. The result? A sonic cocktail that's powerful, authentic, and as dynamic as a kangaroo in flight.
Greystone Canyon invites you to join them on a journey through their musical influences, hoping that the tunes will resonate in your heart like the didgeridoo's hum in the Outback. It's an album that's timeless, authentic, and as Aussie as throwing a shrimp on the barbie.
Grab your earplugs, hit play, and let Greystone Canyon take you on a musical walkabout that's bound to leave your soul thunderstruck.
I'm strapped in, ears ringing, and grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato – Greystone Canyon knows how to rock the Outback style!
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