Death League - "Inferno"


Upcoming Release:

DEATH LEAGUE Unleashes Infernal Fury: A Melodic Death Metal Masterpiece

Prepare to don your armor and wield your air guitar, for the halls of metal are about to reverberate with the thunderous arrival of DEATH LEAGUE! Theogonia Records, bastion of the heaviest riffs and darkest melodies, proudly heralds the signing of Greece's Melodic Death metal juggernauts, DEATH LEAGUE. Brace yourselves, fellow metalheads, for their debut album, "Inferno", is slated to engulf the world in flames on August 16th, 2024.
Fronted by the infernal vocals of Astrous, whose previous exploits with Aenaon and Katavasia have left audiences trembling in awe, and fueled by the fiery fretwork of Jim Gaianos (of Disharmony and Ephemeral acclaim), the seismic basslines of Vasilis Liakos (formerly of Black Fate, Braveride, and more), and the relentless percussive onslaught of Nikos GGlonis (also of Black Fate and Thirty Fates notoriety), DEATH LEAGUE stands poised to set the metal scene ablaze with their scorching sound.
"Inferno" isn't merely an album; it's a cataclysmic event, forged in the fiery depths of G Sound Studio and brought to life by the masterful production prowess of drummer Nikos Tsintzilonis, with additional engineering sorcery courtesy of Dimitris Karagougas. Featuring guest appearances by the mystical keystrokes of Themis K. and a blistering guitar solo by the illustrious Gus Drax on "Approaching the Madness", this album is a veritable testament to the power of Melodic Death metal.
As the flames of "Inferno" lick at your eardrums, prepare to be consumed by its incendiary tracks:
Infernal Dust
Hysteric Epidemic
Approaching the Madness
Closer to the End
Fall from Grace
Annihilated Race
Next in Line
Death League
Enchant the Evil Spirit
Fail in Secrecy
With each member's unwavering energy fueling the infernal fire of "Inferno", DEATH LEAGUE beckons you to dive headlong into the chaos and emerge transformed.
Astrous, the unholy herald of damnation, declares: "With 'Inferno', DEATH LEAGUE unleashes a sonic tempest that will satiate the cravings of every extreme melodic metal aficionado. We stand ready to share our infernal creation with all who dare to listen, and Theogonia Records stands as our unwavering ally in this epic odyssey."
But the infernal journey doesn't end with the music alone! The album's artwork, a visual feast crafted by the legendary Adrian Smith of Warhammer fame, sets the stage for the impending apocalypse. The Digipack layout, meticulously designed by RA Design, and haunting band photos captured by Konstantinos Besios complete the immersive experience.
Prepare to be engulfed by the flames of "Inferno"! Metal acolytes, mark your calendars for August 16th, 2024, when DEATH LEAGUE ascends to the pantheon of Melodic Death metal. Available in Digipack CD and digital formats, this is an album that will etch its mark upon the annals of metal history. Embrace the chaos, for the reckoning is upon us!
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Hail Metal! Hail DEATH LEAGUE! Hail "Inferno"!
I cannot help but feel electrified by the impending release of "Inferno" and the unholy union between DEATH LEAGUE and Theogonia Records. This album promises to be a relentless onslaught of sonic fury, a molten crucible from which new legends shall arise. Brace yourselves, fellow metalheads, for August 16th shall be a day of reckoning, as DEATH LEAGUE unleashes hell upon the earth. Horns up, and let the mosh pits rage!