Charcoal - "Rocks"

New Release: The album 'Rocks' was released on May 3rd via M&O Music.

Charcoal: Heating Up the Hard Rock Scene

If you're into the roaring sounds of Motörhead, the wild energy of Backyard Babies, or the timeless vibes of AC/DC, then let me introduce you to your new addiction: CHARCOAL. Picture this: four hardcore rock aficionados coming together in 2023, fueled by their passion for hard-hitting tunes and a penchant for hair-raising performances.
At the helm, we have Hawlicki Cyrille, whose vocals dance between the realms of Danko Jones and an enraged Lenny Kravitz. He's not just slinging lyrics; he's belting out anthems with the force of a freight train. Supporting him, we've got Stéphane Labas and Damien Leboucher on guitars, weaving together riffs that could rival the legends themselves. And let's not forget about Fabrice Trovato, the man behind the drum kit, whose beats are as thunderous as a stampede.
Together, they're a force to be reckoned with, channeling the spirit of rock 'n' roll legends while adding their own unique flair. Whether it's the swagger of Thin Lizzy or the raw power of Motörhead, 
CHARCOAL pays homage to their influences while carving out a sound that's unmistakably their own.
Now, let's talk gigs. If you're ready to experience the sonic onslaught firsthand, mark your calendars:
- Saturday, June 1st: Savigny le Temple - L’Empreinte (Thin Lizzy Fest #2 w/ That’s My Jam, Dizzy Lizzy & Grand Slam)
- Wednesday, June 26th: Clisson – Hellfest Le OFF
- Saturday, August 31st: La Ferté sous Jouarre – Fertois Metal Fest 6
- Saturday, October 26th: Vouzier – Festival Metal Vouziers

These guys are hitting the stage harder than a sledgehammer on steel, and you won't want to miss it.
CHARCOAL isn't just another band trying to ride the coattails of their idols; they're blazing their own trail through the fiery depths of hard rock. With their infectious energy and killer tunes, they're sure to set the scene ablaze wherever they go. Keep an eye on these guys – they're just getting warmed up.