Art of Attrition - "Vitriol"

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Art of Attrition Unleashes "Vitriol": A Furious Prelude to Chaos

In the murky depths of Canada’s metal underground, Art of Attrition emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Their upcoming EP, "...And It Will All End Forever", slated for release on July 26, 2024, promises a symphony of brutality and technical prowess. At the helm of this sonic assault are Jack Sutherland and Johnny VanderRoest on guitars, Joshua Hahn on vocals, and Greg Smith on drums, collectively crafting a blend of blackened technical deathcore that defies convention.
Their latest single, "Vitriol", serves as a visceral introduction to the EP. With its haunting melodies and relentless intensity, the track plunges listeners into a maelstrom of dueling guitars and gravity blast beats. Hahn’s guttural vocals punctuate the atmosphere with raw emotion, exploring themes of unchecked anger and introspective turmoil.
"We wanted 'Vitriol' to set the tone for the EP both musically and lyrically", remarks the band. "It captures a blend of despair and fierceness that defines our sound". Indeed, the track’s dynamic shifts and intricate song structures showcase Art of Attrition’s evolution, hinting at their willingness to explore new sonic territories while staying true to their roots.
Musically, "Vitriol" is a testament to the band’s technical proficiency and compositional depth. From its eerie intro to the epic, catchy chorus, the song grips listeners in a relentless embrace, urging them to surrender to its chaotic allure. It’s a perfect storm for fans of Lorna Shore, Aversions Crown, and Gaerea—bands known for pushing the boundaries of extreme metal.
The EP’s title, "...And It Will All End Forever", encapsulates the bleak yet cathartic journey that Art of Attrition invites listeners to embark upon. It’s a sonic manifesto, promising a culmination of their artistic journey thus far while hinting at future explorations into uncharted musical realms.
I find Art of Attrition’s approach both refreshing and uncompromising. "Vitriol" and the upcoming EP promise to leave a lasting impression on the metal scene, challenging listeners to embrace the chaos within and without. July 26, 2024, marks a date to remember—a day when Canadian metal reigns supreme once more.

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Prepare yourself for the onslaught, because Art of Attrition is ready to unleash chaos like never before.